Minneapolis Pays $165,000 To Zombies

The recent crackdown in Minnesota on zombies has resulted in an expensive settlement. The city has agreed to pay them $165,000– which goes far on the average vombie expense account.

The payment is part of a settlement of $50,000 per vombie arrested during a protest in July 22, 2006. The seven were protesting “mindless” consumerism only to come face-to-face with mindless law enforcement. Police insisted that the seven (who were walking with amplified music from an iPod) were simulating “weapons of mass destruction.” They were never actually charged.

The case resulted in a reversal for U.S. District Judge Joan Ericksen who dismissed the zombies’ lawsuit. The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed Ericksen and found an obvious lack of probable cause to arrest the seven.

One of the zombies is Raphi Rechitsky, 27, a a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Minnesota.a

These are of course Minnesota zombies, which are known as more introspective than those Oregon zombies.

Source: Star Tribune.

13 thoughts on “Minneapolis Pays $165,000 To Zombies”

  1. I am very offended by all these derogatory comments targeting the living impaired. Also, we demand that restaurants provide for our special dietary needs.

  2. Who speaks for the Zombies? Somebody defended them and defended them well- to the tune of $165,000. I’m guessing it was the ZCLU.

  3. Bob Baldwin– Yes! Yes! Yes!–Or as we say here in cheeseheadland, “Yah dere,hey?” or the less formal “Yah,aina?”.

  4. At $2.19 a pound, that should buy 75,342 pounds of BRRAAAIIIINNSSSSSSSSS…….

  5. hahahahahahahahaha!

    that’s all I have to say about it! hahahahahahahaha!

  6. Minnesota zombies are easy to identify. They wear camo boonie hats, camo field jackets, camo hunting boots, and walk down the street chanting “Uff Da!, Uff Da!, Uff Da!”

  7. crap – if I knew I could make that kind of money this easily I’d quit this crappy job today!

    Given my reading here it seems like the odds of running into this sort of stupidity in law enforcement is depressingly high.

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