Federal Prosecutor Arrested For Lewd Conduct in Pool

A federal prosecutor, Sean Cronin, 35, has been arrested for stripping down to his underwear and then taking a dip in a pool at a local bar. Police report that Cronin fled at the sight of police out a back door and then jumped over “multiple fences” to evade them.

A mother and her daughter complained that Cronin’s boxer shorts left him exposed and hotel staff stated that they had tried to detain Cronin before the arrival of the police.

Cronin is from Boston and was watching a Patriots game when he decided to take a dip.

This is not the first brush with controversy for the Miami prosecutor.

Last year, Cronin was specifically reprimanded by U.S. District Judge Alan S. Gold for knowingly and repeatedly violating ethical guidelines. He also named two other prosecutors who acted in “bad faith” in a narcotics trial. The alleged misconduct led to a rare fine by the court against the Justice Department for over $600,000 to pay for the defendant’s legal fees.

He was now charged with two misdemeanors — lewd and lascivious exhibition and nonviolent obstruction of justice.

Source: Sun Sentinel

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  1. Public laws against nudity were developed to reduce incidence of rape.

    One time in Cambridge MA a nude stranger chased me for like a block or so. He started in a grassy area by Memorial Drive. I was walking on the sidewalk and noticed him because I was in the habit of looking around. When I saw him coming I took off and he followed me. I was able to run around the corner and he stopped. This was around 9 p.m.

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