Tackle Me Elmo: Costumed Character Sends Alleged Attacker To Hospital

A Florida man was under arrest after assaulting customers in a guitar store and knocking over a display. His alleged rampage ended when he turned on the wrong guy: Elmo. The encounter ended with the man sustaining bruises and broken fingers after a beat down by the costumed character.

The store had hired an Elmo impersonator for an event with children, but the character turned out to work as well as a bouncer.

The Winter Park police said in a deadpan statement that “[t]he suspect in this case suffered broken fingers and was taken to the hospital where he would receive treatment for his injuries and undergo a mental evaluation. The man dressed as Elmo was the victim in this incident and was not injured.”

Source: CNN

5 thoughts on “Tackle Me Elmo: Costumed Character Sends Alleged Attacker To Hospital”

  1. There is a reason that costumed characters at theme parks always have a ‘handler’ with them. Beside having limited viability in many of the get ups they occasionally get assaulted by people. Why that is has always been a mystery to me but it happens. Glad this guy was able to take care of it himself & not get hurt.

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