Introducing Moss Man: Oregon Man Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Into Rock Museum

Hillsboro, Oregon Police appeared unsure whether to book Gregory Liascos, 36, or to water him. Liascos was wearing a “ghille suit” commonly worn by military snipers to hide as moss after allegedly breaking into the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals. A police dog found him lying among the foliage and nipped him — causing the moss to yelp.

No precious gems were removed from the museum but a janitor had previously found a hole in a wall and alerted police.

He is charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

Next time he might try a stone outfit for the rock museum. After all, a rolling stone gathers no moss (or police dogs).

Source: Seattle Weekly

22 thoughts on “Introducing Moss Man: Oregon Man Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Into Rock Museum”

  1. That’s not what Old Gregg sings.


  2. Ol’ Greg wuz reported to be a’sangin’ dis sheer tune whilst the po-lice dawg wuz a’chewin’ on hisn lag.

  3. Ol’ Greg was reported to be sangin’ dis’sheer tune when the po-lice dawg wuz a chewin’ on hisn lag…

  4. JoshONPC:
    They said the time is coming for a third party and,well” (‘the Rent Is Too Damn High’)

    The gentleman would have to get an A for originalty,and poetic too.

  5. Addiction,

    Ghille suits pick up sticks\twigs\leaves\etc. from the surrounding environment as they go, which is what makes them such good camouflage. He probably looked like the bush he was hiding in.

  6. I too am curious about the arrest. Was he actually lying in among other moss and the police dogs sniffed him out? That what I got from the story, anyway. He definitely has courage but not much sense of style.

  7. I wondered what Michael Bay was going to do for a sequel to “The Rock”. When he walks away from big budget effects, he really walks away.

  8. These are offered from your nearby Military base…Generally Army, Marine or any of the Special Ops Divisions….I am sure the CIA has its fair share and last but not least the Department of Treasury has its share, but check with the local moonshiners I am sure they have there own versions…..

    This guy is stealing exactly what?

  9. There is no doubt in my mind where Mr.Liascos had been before he broke into the museum,no doubt at all:

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