Keep the Change: Audit Finds New Jersey Turnpike Authority Worker Receiving $321,985 Salary and Benefits

Next time you pass through the New Jersey Turnpike, you might want to ask the worker for a loan. Auditors recently found millions in unwarranted bonuses to workers on the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. A total of $43 million was found wasted.

One worker stands out in the report. The worker had a $73,469 base salary but earned $321,985 with payouts and bonuses. At that salary, he or she could have been a manager in Bell, California.

The audit also found that the improper bonuses were not even tied to actual performance. It is easy to see how you can inflate your salary from the details of the report. For example, employees were first paid overtime for working holidays and removing snow. They were then given bonuses for working holidays and removing snow. There was even nearly $90,000 for scholarships for workers’ kids. Then there was the money paid for a “toll operators event” that lacked only one thing: toll operators. No one actually went to the event but it was still paid for by the Turnpike.

The Turnpike has announced the need to increase tolls in 2012.

Source; Land Line

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  1. BTW:
    It seems o be feast or famine here in the state,for our state and municipal workers:

    Newark sanitation workers protest layoffs, ask city residents for support By David Giambusso/The Star-Ledger
    October 21, 2010, 9:00AM
    NEWARK — Hauling hundreds of tons of trash each week is one of the city’s lowest-paying jobs, but it has kept food on the table for scores of Newark workers, and some say it’s kept them out of jail. Yesterday, 40 Newark sanitation workers gathered in the pre-dawn darkness of the city’s South Ward offering to collect trash on…

  2. eniobob,

    Excellent idea … donate some of it for toilet paper at rest stops … children everywhere will thank you 🙂

  3. I thought it was only me having trouble posting,Well I’m out the door on my way to fill an application at the Turnpike Authority.
    That would be one way to get some of my tax money back:=)

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  10. Let’s see,

    AIG = bailout = Republicans

    Goldman Sachs = bailout = Republicans

    Banks = bailout = Republicans

    Wall Street = bailout = Republicans

    Jan. 21, 2008, stock prices tumbled = recession = Republican

    TARP created by the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act on October 3, 2008 = $218 billion = Republican

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