Look! Put That Cash In The Bag And I Won’t Slather You!

Crooks are always looking for new ways to rob, but a Florida high school kid is truly cutting edge. Unable to secure gun, knife, or even billy club to instill fear in his victim, Larry Franklin seized the moment at a local convenience store and brandished what else — a bottle of salad dressing. Immediately successful, our “zesty” thief attempted the ploy yet a second time at another store but fled after the clerk proved himself a meat and potatoes kind of guy and produced a gun in response. Cops arrived to find the health conscious robber making a run for it. The clerk was heard to wonder aloud, why “the kid would bring a Wishbone to a gun fight?”

Source: TruTV

Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

4 thoughts on “Look! Put That Cash In The Bag And I Won’t Slather You!”

  1. I forgot to subscribe … all these threads are great but I’m getting lost …

  2. I don’t know … I kinda like the kid’s initiative … I mean, can they charge him with armed robbery … maybe not even “premeditation” … I just wonder what a good defense lawyer could do with this …

  3. “Police arrested Franklin outside of the store and say that he intended to use the money to buy drugs and jewelry instead of a big tub of organic spring mix with radicchio.”

    “Getting to the Bottom of the Matter: Florida Man Denies Possession of Cocaine Between Buttocks”

    Polly Want a Crack? Michigan Man Arrested in Fight With Parrot”

    You can’t tell me that these guys are not related.

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