10 thoughts on “State Laws Vary on Polling Place Photography”

  1. We argue/dialog a lot about candidates on this blawg and discuss the dirty tricks and vote suppression problems that perennially plague voters but the biggest scandal and threat to the vote- electronic voting, is not discussed often if at all. That’s OK, I’m not calling for such debates. They and the mechanics of the problem are covered elsewhere in great depth and by people that know what they are about. If you’ve never visited a site specializing in that kind of analysis and discussion I post the link below just to pique your interest. It’s a good site to put in your queue and check back to periodically.

    The greatest danger to our democracy is not IMO the teabaggers, voter suppression or corporate money, it’s electronic voting on easily hackable, faulty machines and the fact that no electronic vote is unverifiable. If you vote electronically it’s a faith-based vote.

    just sayn’.


  2. Great ad ad slogan. (Thanks for posting it, Swarthmore mom.)

    “I remember”, and I’m heading out to vote.

  3. Nal:

    considering the SEIU is fixing voting machines in Nevada and other trickery by Chicago dems, I appreciate you posting those regs.


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