Twelve Year Old Swallows Scissors: Did Not Realize Danger

Twelve year old Curtis Francis is one lucky kid. Not realizing that sharp scissors can cut one’s internal organs the precocious pre-teen decided to test the limits of  steel and human tissue. Fortunately, his mother sensed a problem and alerted emergency personnel who transported our blossoming oral surgeon to the hospital.  According to the mother, Karon Edwards, Curtis did not understand the danger.  Hmmm.

Source: Thaindian News

–Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

15 thoughts on “Twelve Year Old Swallows Scissors: Did Not Realize Danger”

  1. Now that I think about it, there are 4 nuclear power plants in the area….
    I’d love to take the warning labels off of everything and let nature take its course.

  2. Come to think of it, maybe I was too hard on the kid. After all, the article doesn’t say much about his normal baseline mentality. Maybe he just wasn’t very smart.

    Because we all know by now that smart folks don’t do stupid things . . . .

    In the span of a month, here in southern California, we had a lady physician decide that the best way to get to a stubborn man-friend was to slide down the chimney. And then there was the cosmetic ‘surgeon to the stars’ who found out what happens when you drive a jeep while texting friends real close to a cliff.

    Before them, there was the nutcase who thought he was justified in running down bicyclists; the goofball who used liposuction fat to fuel his girlfriend’s Escalade; and another who attacked a nurse in the hospital parking lot with a very big needle.

    So my point is, if in the above-mentioned cases where the Karmic score is: Kismet 5, Doctors 0, why on earth ought we expect kids to be considerably brighter?

    So I stand corrected

  3. How the crap did he manage to swallow them?! The handle end, even on a pair of nail scissors is really big.
    And more to the point, how can a 12 year old be so stupid?

  4. “Fortunately, his mother sensed a problem and alerted emergency personnel who transported our blossoming oral surgeon to the hospital.”

    Which explains in one sentence why the entire focus of Advanced Trauma Life Support flies in the face of natural laws.

    In the mere span of a few short years, this genius will be spawning.

  5. Gingerbaker;

    “Hopefully, the kid didn’t *run* to the hospital.”



  6. W=C:

    “I don’t think precocious is the right word….:]x”


    The average sword swallower doesn’t even begin training until age 18. So there! 😀

  7. I once knew a kid who swallowed a Datsun B-210.

    He said it hurt like Hell, but he got great gas mileage.

  8. Suicide attempts aside, my experiences in nursing have been with “the other orifice”…, but I’ll skip the details.

    One of my nephews once swallowed a mere quarter, which horrified many in the family. Eventually, when coaxed to talk, he — like this boy — revealed that he just wanted to see if he could do it and what would happen, if he could. Gotta love it, if it doesn’t result in harm and/or require medical intervention.

    Thanks for sharing this — I might have otherwise missed it. Elaine M., thanks for making me smile on this dreary day in NY.

  9. mespo,

    Having spent many years as an elementary teacher, I saw kids put all kinds of things in their mouths. I once caught a child eating the tadpole food. Another boy LOVED eating paste. One boy constantly chewed on the necks of his jerseys. He’d always have giant wet spots around his neck. Then there were the kids who liked to gnaw on ballpoint pens–some until they actually bit through the pens and had ink on their lips and all around their mouths. I never, however, had a child swallow a pair of scissors.

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