Woman Sexually Assaulted By Intruder While Asleep In Bed With Another Man

 A man from Rockport, Massachusetts, has been charged with rape and released on $25,000 bail after a “dangerousness” assessment hearing. Michaels S. Burbank has been ordered to have no contact with his victim, to undergo random alcohol and drug testing, and to wear a location tracking bracelet.

Rockport police arrested Burbank in the early morning hours of October 23rd after receiving a call from the victim who claimed that Burbank had sexually assaulted her in her bed in her Granite Street home.

“According to police, at approximately 1:34 a.m. Saturday, Burbank entered the woman’s home, went upstairs into her bedroom, and began kissing her and engaging in a sex act as she slept in a bed she was sharing at the time with an Essex man.”

The victim told police that, at first, she thought she was being kissed by the man who was lying in bed with her. After she awoke, the victim reportedly saw Burbank standing over her. He allegedly asked her to come downstairs. When the victim asked Burbank what he was doing, he “left the room and yelled ‘sorry’ before leaving the house.”

At that point, the victim woke the man who was sleeping in bed with her and asked him if he had seen Burbank. The man said he thought the intruder was a “drunken friend.”

Police say that Burbank was “argumentative” while he was being removed from his house. “He repeatedly told the officers he was ‘invited over’ to the victim’s home and that his arrest was ‘unbelievable.’” Burbank reportedly told police that the victim had given him an “open invitation” to her house.


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– Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

13 thoughts on “Woman Sexually Assaulted By Intruder While Asleep In Bed With Another Man”

  1. i can not speak for others but i know that when my fiancee is sleeping next to me and i feel a hand or a a kiss on me my first thought is its my fiancee and to just enjoy the feeling. if i should open my eyes and its a totally different man. i would light the neighborhood up with my yelling and screaming. this story sounds similar to the man who just got off for rape. because he claimed the victim invited him over. even though he climbed in her window and attacked her with a knife. but because she didnt scream and wake up her family. the jury believed him even though he admitted that he raped her in a taped phone call

  2. FF Leo,

    You’re asking the wrong woman that question! In her defense, the woman was awakened by the intruder after he “began kissing her and engaging in a sex act as she slept in a bed.”

  3. I have a question and do not mean to sound too crass. Couldn’t the woman *discern* the differences between the two men with whom she copulated?

    I have kicked a few buckets around the block during my life and I always heard the old adage that ‘one size fits all’ but something to the mistress’ story does not ‘fit’ or jive…

  4. Addiction Analyst,

    You’ve misread the post. The victim didn’t wake the man she was sleeping with to ask him if she had been raped. She woke him to ask him if he had seen Burbank–the intruder who has been charged with her rape.

  5. So this woman wakes up her lover and ask if she had been raped? I don’t get these stories where a woman is raped and didn’t notice because she was sleeping. If there is a date-rape drug involved, then is this really rape?

  6. “rafflaw 1, November 6, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Man,That guy in the bed was one heavy sleeper! I am thinking some substances and/or alcohol might have been involved!”


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