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A new Gallup poll ranks the popularity of American presidents, and taking the number one spot with an 85% approval rating is that “liberal” the conservatives love-to-hate, John F. Kennedy. The lore of Camelot “has legs” as they say, even to today’s generation. In close proximity with a 74% approval number, is that darling of the Right, Ronald Reagan. In the “Place” position, Bill Clinton has nudged out Jimmy Carter from last year. Carter still makes the top 10 with a sixth place showing.

Blog favorite George W. Bush finishes with a respectable 47% approval rating – about 13 points above his approval rating upon leaving office. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. Last and definitely least, is that trickster from Yorba Linda, California, Richard Nixon who has brought up the rear for the past twenty years.

According to poll data, “Reagan, Ford, Carter, [George W. Bush], and George H.W. Bush have all earned higher retrospective job approval ratings than the ratings they earned at the end of their presidencies. Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton’s ratings have remained about the same as they were at the end of their respective terms.”

Source: CNN

–Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

9 thoughts on “Most Popular Pol Poll”

  1. Well thanks Attorney General Mespo and VP Buddha (I fear I would need a lot of help with the law and V.P. assistance). However, if I was up there I would ensure that the bankers and Wall Streeters had to go on Welfare (without their cadillacs)…

  2. In my personal poll, FFLeo would make a better President that most everyone heretofore mentioned. Better connoisseur of music, too!

  3. I’ll never understand why Americans still rate Reagan. He was a fucking useless waste of space. If you want to know why America is in such a mess now, just go back to his tax policy. As for his foreign policy, we’re still reaping the whirlwind.

  4. Bush is getting more popular everyday. He admitted to torture and went up in the polls. He’s eating Mexican food at Fernando’s, AY.

  5. Well somethings never should change….what happened to “W” and OMG Ronnie, his popularity has always amazed me…and he was a grade B actor….see the legacy he created….Death Valley days….20 mule team borax……

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