Taking Candy From a Child: Thieves Steal Family’s Christmas Gifts and Their Dog

In the annals of thefts, this may be the coldest crime since the Grinch Stole Christmas. Burglars in Mesquite not only stole wrapped Christmas gifts but the Rusaw family’s dog, Candy, for good or bad measure.

The Rusaw family’s apartment was broken into and the thieves took everything including their teacup Yorkshire terrier. The gifts were for 13-year-old Cameron Rusaw, who simply says that they can keep his gifts but “I just want my dog back.”

If caught, I would strongly encourage a plea. This is not one you want to put in front of a jury outside of the Klingon Empire.

Source: NBC

Jonathan Turley

13 thoughts on “Taking Candy From a Child: Thieves Steal Family’s Christmas Gifts and Their Dog”

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  2. rafflaw,

    Yep, but it’s not likely… and you’re right that they’re lucky to be alive…

  3. lottakatz,

    “Hope” is in short supply on my end, but there’s a glimmer. Yes, maybe — just maybe — they thought that the dog would be worth something… I hope so for the child’s sake…

  4. BIL, a man that knows is Star Trek unto many generations…. ooooh, be still my beating heart 🙂

  5. Anon Nurse, possible, very possible but those are cute dogs, It could be sold or given away. We can hope.

  6. What LK said about the Klingons.

    This is a dishonorable crime. They’d have no inclination to take it easy on the perps. The Fernigi though? Yeah. This is about their speed.

  7. Unconscionable. Poor kid…



    “Knowing that breed of dog, they probably took the dog to shut it up while they were ransacking the apartment.”

    My thought is that they permanently quieted the dog and didn’t want to leave it behind… Hate to think it, much less say it, but…

  8. They stole the little dog? They crossed a line with that.

    While it pains me to say it and as well harbor a ethical code so easily compromised, if the cops catch these guys and they ‘fall down the stairs’ at the station house, I would be inclined to just discretely avert my eyes in a ladylike manner.

    Professor, you needlessly insult Klingons 🙂 They wouldn’t suffer a thief. If the perps were caught a doting adult would likely give the child who had his dog stolen a “d’k tahg” (Dagger) and allow him to poke at the thieves for awhile (by way of justice or for amusement) but they would never excuse thievery. You may be thinking of the Ferengi who lived for acquisition.

  9. Knowing that breed of dog, they probably took the dog to shut it up while they were ransacking the apartment. Theft and desperation know no season. I hope the young boy can get his dog back. I guess in light of the Panama City school board shooting, they should be happy that they only lost their possessions.

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