32 thoughts on “This Doesn’t Mean We’ll Be Swappin’ Spit in the Shower”

  1. So if a man was raping a little girl all along (like the man who was raping a child who he kept in a tent in his back yard and even had children with her) is it OKAY to keep doing it because it happened in the past and she didn’t know it was rape and even has a deep bond with the man (i.e. the offspring)?

    Heterosexual men unite for equal protection!
    Demand to shower in the military with people you are sexually attracted to.

    Anything less is discrimination against heterosexuals. If it is right for homosexuals to bath with people they are sexually attracked to it MUST be right for heterosexuals as well.

    (Can you imagine the wife of a husband in the military condoning her husband showering with other women? Does anyone believe she, or certainly most women, think thats OKAY?)

    Only a crazy person would think that was okay.

    What is it with homosexuals that they don’t care if their “spouses” are showering with the type of people they are sexually attracted to?

    I think Barney lost this one. He usually slaps people around (figuratively) pretty handily. This time he was pretty much left with nothing but bullying.

    That is usually all that is left at the end of these sorts of conversations.

  2. Licker last post…..I can’t continue on this one with what I could say….

  3. Blouise,

    I aint touchin’ that Camel thread with a 10 foot…well, you know what.

    I have a new image to uphold, remember? I caint be usin’ cuss words stronger than my new hero you introduced me to. In the video, listen to the baddest cuss words that good guy cowpoke said and then bit hisn hand when them kids heard him cussin’. (Too bad he said such as bad word like dam, he should have said dang, or doggoneit).

  4. This video, the words of that guys, the words of some of the commenters, are awesome.

  5. Former Federal LEO
    1, December 25, 2010 at 10:42 am
    With all due deference and respect for one of the fine Turley Blawg Ladies who wrote “Barney, Barney, Barney … I love you like a brother”.

    I must retort: Bahney, Bahney, Bahney _ I loathe you like no other.


    FFLEO … I have this really great, slightly used, camel for sale …

  6. Well Bud, that twinkle in Barney’s eye at the end of the ‘Purple video’ you posted is one of the many things that concern me…

    BTW, the reporter was not very aggressive with his argument and Nicholas B. did not live up to the implications of his last name…

  7. FFLEO,

    I just don’t understand….

    Barney’s above reproach.
    He sings, he dances….
    And you don’t like him….

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