Fir Flying: Daughter Attacks Parents With Christmas Tree

In West Hartford, Connecticut, Francheska Terrero, 19, is accused of a truly seasonal crime: assault with a Christmas tree. Terrero is accused to using the tree as a weapon (as well as a cellphone) against her parents.

She reportedly threw the tree at her father and was booked into jail on two counts of assault, disorderly conduct, interfering with a 911 call and criminal mischief.

The interference charge came from her grabbing the cellphone from his mother as she tried to call police and throwing the cellphone at her father.

Somehow Ms. Terrero missed this seasonal message:

Source: Courant

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  1. In prison industry, you have to realize that it is very entirely different from the mindset of regular police officers and common citizens. When in prison, guards have no choice but to face realities of different individuals that are locked up with them. They may be of violent nature, manipulator, emotional distressed, mental disorder, and many various types of people with in-human tendencies.

    If you think your preferred method of having people being safe on their own in solitary confinement with non-invasive undressing of their clothes, be my quest and tell us how you would prefer to go about it while saving us lots of money, and guards’ times.

    I would prefer my job where I am… not having to deal with those people on daily basis in a very constrictive environment. I really do feel bad for most of them because many of them are sheriff deputies who might not have preferred to work in prisons.

    As for “Open Eye” scenario. *shrugs* I don’t see many American people getting mad about how we treated our prisoner of war in Iraq yet majority of them get upset about how a pretty American lady get treated that way which is almost nothing compared to those treatments received by prisoners in Gitmo.

  2. ChaZ: “Of course, you guys don’t know anything how law enforcement officers really operate so you will always yell police brutality from your armchairs.”

    In a couple of the jobs I worked we had ‘fresh eyes’ policy’s. Realizing that someone doing a particular task or project might become processed oriented or lost in the details of the matter, one had a co-worker take a look at their work with fresh eyes. If a disinterested party got that ‘WTF!’ look on their face it was a good bet that you were on the wrong track and too close to the matter to realize it.

    Why should police procedure be any different? Maybe the folks that think what’s happening in the above video is OK know too much about how the police “really operate” and have lost the perspective to see what’s wrong with it.

  3. John & Tootie,

    The film that you just saw is a very normal routine that happen all the time in prison in USA.

    Whenever one becomes violent or suicidal, we are required to separate them from general population into solitary confinement without their clothes so they would not be able to use their clothes to hurt themselves or use on other as a make-shift weapons.

    Victim of crime? Nah, let’s just say that they were not cooperative with local authorities. Once you try to resist arrest or become non-compliant, all bet’s off and they will always resort to their last resort method of ensuring everyone involved (prisoners, guards, staff) are safe.

    Of course, you guys don’t know anything how law enforcement officers really operate so you will always yell police brutality from your armchairs.

  4. JOHN:

    What in the HELL were men doing there during this sexual assault? Getting their jollies?

    What perverts! That police dept. needs to be defunded and these perverts (the cops) taught a rough lesson on how to earn an honest days work.

    Preferably in a city far away from me.

  5. J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E.,

    If either one of them touch a hair on your septuagenarian head, I will bring the hell of my gang down on them … whether you want me to or not!

  6. I wonder if the parents failed to get her the cha-cha heels she wanted? (It’s a John Waters reference, one of Divine’s roles to the uninitiated).

  7. I’m with you Tootie, NEVER call 911…you could end up worse than before…

    Here’s what happened to one crime VICTIM:

  8. Oh, dear, I am off my meds, again. I do have Medicare, being old enough for it simply because I failed to die first. Me sorry. Medicare does not pay a penny toward my psychotropic meds, alas, and I cannot often afford to buy them.

    There is a family-owned company in Door County that makes my psychotropic meds. The last remaining cheese factory in the County. Five-year- to ten-year- aged cheddar cheese.

    Tootie and frank, (and everyone else is no less welcome) why not pick on me, instead of each other. I found some old boots and a worn parka from my younger days. The cheese factory is not quite a 17 mile walk each way from where I live.

    As a decrepit septuagenarian, I may be able to go at an average walking pace of 2 miles per hour, and, with the outdoor temperature only 10 degrees below freezing, have a slight chance of not freezing to death along the way.

    Why “pick on” each other when you can form a gang and gang up on me? For all I know, I may have more experience being picked on than both of you, combined. And I may be getting out of practice.

    “Say, ‘cheese.’ “

  9. frank:

    You must be late for your electric shock treatment? Did the holiday make things worse for you?

  10. Gadzouks……..a christmas tree whats next?? Shameful is what it is …….poor tree……………

  11. C – not everything Prof posts here is humorous but they are almost always law related so this passes muster. If the is a crime that is not shameful for the perp that should get a post all its own.

    Tootie – off your meds again I see.

  12. For shame. You should take this post down – little humorous value and very shameful for a 19 yo girl.

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