It Came From Outer Space: The Blob Finally Spotted By Actual Scientists

Who said that watching really bad science fiction movies is not educational? For those who grew up with The Blob, the Hubble Space Telescope has finally found its galactic origins. The HST has spotted a mysterious giant green blob in outer space that appear to be giving birth to new stars.

The blob is a massive hydrogen gas formation first discovered by a Dutch elementary school teacher Hanny van Arkelin in 2007. It was named Hanny’s Voorwerp (HAN’-nee’s-FOR’-vehrp). Voorwerp is Dutch for “object.”

Scientists believe that the blob is collapsing and stars are forming from the pressure. The blob is the size of our own Milky Way galaxy.

For those who saw the 1958 movie, do you run to your bomb shelters just yet. It is 650 million light years away — each light year is about 6 trillion miles.

Yet, how naive the final lines of the movie now seem:

Lieutenant Dave: I think you should send us the biggest transport plane you have, and take this thing to the Arctic or somewhere and drop it where it will never thaw. . .

Lieutenant Dave: At least we’ve got it stopped.
Steve Andrews: Yeah, as long as the Arctic stays cold.

Oh, Lieutenant Dave, will erstwhile movie characters ever learn?

Source: Universe Today and Reddit.

Jonathan Turley

43 thoughts on “It Came From Outer Space: The Blob Finally Spotted By Actual Scientists

  1. Wasn’t this found by that guy who belong[ed] to the rock and roll band KISS?

    He went back to get his PHD in Astrophysics and I believe he located this blob (star nursery).

  2. Actually it only looks like a blob because that’s the only part of the mass lit by a now “unlit” quasar. It’s afterglow on part of a rope like filament of gas that stretches to the core of galaxy IC 2497, which may have merged with another galaxy about a billion years ago.

  3. Tootles,

    Once again, you are totally wrong.

    It was found by a Dutch school teacher named Hanny van Arkel.

  4. You can’t fool me. I might have been born in a galaxy far..far..away, but I’ve been up for a light year.

    I’m not sure which part of that will stymie the average teenager, but my predicted response from most of them would be “unt-uh”.:)

  5. Chan,

    Um. What you said in no way contradicts what he said.

    You’ve been making yourself look pretty bad lately. I mean, Buddha gets vicious, and gets a little too into his foaming at the mouth rants for my taste, but he’s never just petty.

    You on the other hand have been reduced to something slightly above the level of saying “Buddha is laughing, more like Buddha is farting. Am I right?”

    You need to work on your form a little. I suggest studying Marx, Twain, and Churchill, THEY knew how to insult people.

  6. He can’t help it, Gyges.

    It’s the wonderfully substandard education he’s getting at Hillsdale Clown College.

  7. Buddha,

    I’m not entirely sure that making fun of Chan’s school is entirely in the spirit of the Prof.’s civility rule, but that’s between you and JT.

    Of course, I’ve made fun of his formatting, so my stones should probably remain un-thrown.

  8. Gyges,

    Oh, but he gets to make fun of my education?

    Nah. Don’t think so. He was the one who started bragging about where he went to school like it would impress anyone.

    Until I hear otherwise, anything is fair game on troll-boy.

  9. Gyges:

    I see both you and Bubbha are sheep in sheep’s clothing.

    Thank you for the referals, I will take your advice.

  10. Gyges,

    Oh, he’s terrible at it. It comes from that whole mindset where he doesn’t understand that words have meanings and that he doesn’t get to make them up as he goes along to fit his faulty premises.

  11. Also, as bad as his displays of the basics of political science and its terminology is (especially for a self-proclaimed poli sci major), his understanding of astronomy is even worse.

    Unless he was thinking Tootie was right about van Arkel being a member of KISS. But that would just be another field he’s demonstrated an incompetence in – popular American music of the late 20th Century.

  12. It is really funny how you operate, like sharks but without teeth.

    Go gum someone else, you bore me.

    The rhetoric on the deaths in Arizona tells me all I need to know about the character of people on this blog.

    My research is complete. My professors are going to love this paper. And Bubbha you and your rantings are a prominent segment. Thanks for the material.

    Gynase, you are just a foot note.

  13. Chan,

    Enjoy being able to wear your red rubber nose with pride, clown boy.

    And if you’re bored here?

    Feel free to leave.

    No one forces you to keep coming back to get your ass kicked.

  14. Bubbha:

    you couldn’t kick my ass on any subject without a computer present for you to use.

    You might be able to baffle a simple mind with BS but that doesn’t work with me.

    Your verbosity is used to hide the BS. Quick and tell me what logical construct that is.

  15. That would be you self-rationalizing that you’re not really a ideological half-wit who makes up the meanings of words to suit his faulty premises, Chan.

    And I can kick your ass with our without a computer on any given subject. Your pointing to a computer being present as the reason I defeat you constantly is a nullity as, ha-HA!, you have one too and still you can’t defeat me. Which also shows your incompetence in basic computer usage.

    Thanks for playing!

    Let the door hit you in the head on the way out . . .

  16. Chan L.

    I hope I have been helpful in your finding useful data here.

    Unlike many people, I was accepted at, and attended, a good, rural liberal arts college (Carleton), I know what it can be like to be a student at a school similar in many ways to Hillsdale.

    Envy can be its own tragedy.

    I have wondered how my having had access to a quality liberal arts education helped some here to work, unsuccessfully, at “insulting” me?

    (I never internalized the “insults,” so was never actually “insulted,” because I understood that the “insults” were neither about me nor my work).

    People, I have found, may sometimes have the best of intentions without having the depth or breadth of understanding which would make their intentions, when put to use, more constructive.

    Having real access to such depth and breadth of understanding is among the greatest gifts of a quality small-college liberal arts education, so I have found.

    I wish for you the best in your future.

  17. bUBBHA:

    you have never kicked my ass. Even Bob Esq said you were wrong and he is your friend.

    Nice delusion though.

  18. Dr. Harris:

    thank you for your insights.

    I just have fun and don’t take any of this seriously. I have been doing some research for a senior project which will encompass both math and philosophy.

    I am trying to write an algorithm to determine if one can determine how an idea propagates on the Internet to see if it can be traced back to a source point.

    Any insight you have would be most appreciated.

    Thank you,


  19. RE: Buddha Is Laughing, January 12, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    “Triple busted.”


    I did not expect this accuracy of self perception on your part so soon; I am glad your are finally showing signs of improvement in your condition.

    I shall never give up hope for you.

  20. No. He said I was taking the long way in dealing with Tony. Which I was and purposefully so. You had dropped out to mere sniping, like you are now, at that point.

    But tell yourself whatever you like. Self-rationalization is the specialty of sociopaths. Which on the Ron Paul thread I made a very good case that you are demonstrably a sociopath.

    Seriously, enjoy your red nose and big shoes, greed boy.

  21. Chan L,

    I take having fun very seriously!


    I am real and easy to find, J. Brian Harris, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin is public record information, available to anyone.

    You may telephone me, if you choose to do so.

    I am not anonymous.

    At first thought, I wonder if a successive-approximation heuristic method, having a way of evaluating convergence-divergence might outperform any sort of algorithm.

    I also have a hunch that Bayesian ways of evaluating convergence-divergence might outperform frequentist approaches.

    Given the diversity of ways for propagation of error on complex systems to develop, traceability might be very helpful in making the Internet a much safer way of sharing concerns and information.

  22. Buddha:

    Chan has a senior thesis due on math and philosophy in the internet age yet time to spout enough nonsense to impress J. Brian Harris, Ph.D., P.E.? We all know that would take some doing.

    Your incessant weeding of this blog is impressive. How do you navigate through all that manure? Is it a GPS add-on application?

  23. Sorry to disappoint, I am not impressionable in the sense I find plausibly imputed.

    I live a moderate walk for me from dairy farms. We have rather few bulls around here, but plenty of cows.

    Local dairy farmers need to be artists in putting back plant nutrients in the soil, without contaminating well water sources because of the highly fractured Niagara Formation dolostone which makes up most of the near-surface bedrock in these parts.

    We happen to be somewhat northwest of the close Niagara escarpment and west of the Niagara cuesta. I understand from neighbors that our near bedrock is Silurian, but have not yet researched that properly.

    I do not live with very many neighbor bullshit artists, but have some very good cowshit artists as neighbors. Were it otherwise I would not remain well while drinking our well water.

    Around her, in a dairy farming area, being a good bullshit or cowshit artist is important to the local economy.

    As I have no bulls or cows, I am unable to imagine how anyone could think of me a being one of my dairy-farming neighbors.

    I can never figure out for sure what words said about me are of what form of praise. Life can be tragic.

    Perhaps if I listen to some praise music. Here’s one. GIA Publications CD-284, JUBILATE: Taizé…

    First track, “Jubilate, servite / Raise a Song of Gladness…

    Push play button, music playing. Yes, it helps…

  24. Mespo727272:

    Did you take the time to read Dr. Harris’s dissertation?

    Have you written one? I doubt it and if you did it would be full of other people’s thoughts.

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