Twelve Angry Liberal Jurors: DeLay Slams Austin Jury Pool and Venue

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) once called the jurors in his recent trial his “brothers and sisters.” His view has changed a bit since they convicted him and he was sentenced to three years. DeLay has been making the talk show circuit and said on “The Today Show” that the jury was a liberal cabal led by a Greenpeace activist.

DeLay stated “I was tried in the most liberal county in the state of Texas and, indeed, in the United States. The foreman of the jury was a Greenpeace activist.” Yet, he added: “So, I’m not criticizing the jury. The point is this is a political campaign.” That does not track completely. They are a bunch of liberals led by a greenie as part of a political campaign, but I am not criticizing them in the least.

There is no question that Austin is extremely liberal — particularly for Texas. I also admit that, if I were representing DeLay, I would not be delighted with the Austin jury pool. However, DeLay’s interview stands in sharp contrast to his statement “I know them like they’re my brothers and sisters.”

Source: TPM

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  1. This comment is addressed to those who expressed dismay about juror identity, etc. Prosecutors do FBI background checks on the jury pool; they do police checks; etc. And many of them have devised ways to pack jury pools by systematically eradicating jurors who acquit from further service in concert with jury clerks and or court clerks. Its really unfortunate how the news media and Hollywood is being used by the government for propaganda. Nobody lies more than a federal judge when the media isn’t looking. And most cases are decided by career law clerks who use judges names in cases that aree not high profile.

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