Hold Your Breath . . . Go Ahead Try It

This is a remarkable video that I saw on Reddit of a man diving and fishing. Oh yeah, he also holds his breath for 2:30 minutes.

For Bears and Packers fans, this is good practice for this Sunday.

Now here is the Packers joke of the day:

Q: What’s the difference between the Green bay Packers and Cheerios?
A: Cheerios belong in a bowl.

Jonathan Turley

21 thoughts on “Hold Your Breath . . . Go Ahead Try It”

  1. Missed the program, but I believe these are the Malaysian Bagwan AKA Sea Gypsies.

    There are also Bagwan in the southern Philippines, but their existence is in danger due to the government allowing factory fishing vessels to work the Bagwans waters.

    Result is no fish for the Bagwan who then have to come into the city to beg. They are muslims also, which doesn’t go down too well in a largely catholic country.

    The locals see it as a government problem (it is) so see the Bagwan (who formally kept themselves to themselves) as a nuisance, and in a generations time, when all they know is begging, that’s exactly what they will have become.

    But th-th-th-that’s capitalism folks!

  2. My doctor said I needed a sleep study. Turned out I have sleep apnea. Sometimes go 40 seconds without taking a breath. While my precious brain cells are dying for lack of oxygen. It is this a lot of baloney or what?

  3. On April 26, 2010, a New Zealander set a record of 380 ft and 4min 09 seconds in the Bahamas. The tenth time William Trubridge has set a record.

  4. Gyges,

    I have no issue with NPR’s non-political programming. In fact, I read about that very story on their website today. I like several of their shows like “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, “Prairie Home Companion”, “Science Friday” and “Car Talk”.

    And nobody can top Mercury’s voice.

    What a fantastic gift he had.

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, Freddy Mercury:


  6. Did anyone catch the NPR story (yes, Buddha,I know, but the CD player in my car is busted) this morning about the scientist who discovered that prairie dogs have a complex system of sounds that describe the type of intruder over their town?

    They make a slightly different sound for a human wearing a red shirt than a human wearing a blue shirt. And Coyote’s have their own sound, as do hawks.

    Also, crows can do math, and some Chimps carry dolls.

  7. An ordinary housecat, let’s say its Itty Kit, looks at an end table by the sofa, sitting on haunches, looks, moves head, looks more, moves head again and then jumps elegantly onto the table, with less than half an inch clearance between cat and table until landing evenly on her feet.

    A supercomputer would be pushed, perhaps beyond its capability, to accomplish all the calculations a cat does in the time it takes a cat to make the jump.

    Cats and other non-human animals cannot do math? I learned how to understand tensor calculus by watching supposedly lesser animals.

    Which muscle fibers to activate, when to activate them, and how much to activate them is math far beyond what some college math majors ever learn.

    False pride is its own reward.

  8. culheath: “He can conceptualize beyond his current state of existence, NO OTHER CREATURE KNOWN CAN DO THIS.

    Bonobo apes can.”
    That’s remarkable footage, the toolmaking just knocked me off my chair. I’ve seen footage of toolUSING and even the modification of items that need refinement but actually making ‘blade’s’, that’s remarkable. Thanks.

  9. Two and a half minutes is a long time to hold your breath! I don’t think that skill will help the Packers on Sunday. Da Bears are going to put a hurt on our cheesehead friends!

  10. I think MacK was making an argument for the Bush administration…Its just amazing….

  11. Ah yes, all this pro-Bear hubris on the net strikes me as being very favorable, in the karmic sense, for the Packers. We beat you last time we were at Soldier Field. Beat you like a DRUM.

    It’s our year, Constitution Man!

  12. He can do simple math, a whale can’t.

    Other cetaceans certainly can.

    He creates tools to use, a penguin can’t.

    10 Animals That Use Tools

    He can read, or write some type of glyph, an otter can’t.

    Some great apes can

    He can conceptualize beyond his current state of existence, NO OTHER CREATURE KNOWN CAN DO THIS.

    Bonobo apes can.

    Pure speculation.

    Now that is remarkable.

    Yep, it is…but so is the degree to which humans can assume a false superiority.

  13. I once read a science fiction story by Poul Anderson in which human colonists on a planet covered mainly by ocean evolved to become aquatic animals. Given a few million years nothing is impossible.

    How do you know that whales, dolphins and other animals can’t do simple math. Have you ever asked one?

    Don’t overestimate the uniqueness of man’s tool use. Chimpanzees and crows have been observed making and using tools.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that people who post blog comments are always dead pan serious. This comment of mine was a joke.

  14. Carlyle Moulton,

    Yes whales, dolphins, or other aquatic mammals can hold their breath longer.

    He is a man, so you are not making a fair comparison, but lets continue in your direction.

    He can do simple math, a whale can’t.
    He creates tools to use, a penguin can’t.
    He can read, or write some type of glyph, an otter can’t.
    He can conceptualize beyond his current state of existence, NO OTHER CREATURE KNOWN CAN DO THIS.
    Now that is remarkable.

  15. Remarkable as this achievment is, it is not as good as a whale, dolphin or even a penguin can do. Some whales can do half an hour.

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