Are You An Eight Year Old Girl Worried About Looking Ten? Wal-Mart Has The Answer

Wal-Mart is now marketing aging cream and other cosmetics for girls 8-12, including anti-aging creams to avoid that ten-year-old look.

The new GeoGirl beauty line is here just in time to commercialize those adolescent years. What I find disturbing is that Wal-Mart is abandoning wrinkle prone toddlers to the raves of aging. Then there is the crying need for liposuction for infants.

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  1. Mike S.: “Tots and Tiaras”

    I’ve seen that program and it (and the pageants) are something I can only call soft-core child porn. The families are dysfunctional, the kids are damaged and the whole exhibition makes me want a wash-up after watching. That it’s so popular in the south does say something but I’m not sure what because such pageants are countrywide as are the contestants.

  2. c’mon! nobody remembers ‘Growing up Barbie’ This is so not new.
    I think there were even some instances of little boys twisting their lil sisters arms trying to make their boobs grow……

    And it is about teaching the kiddies….this is nothing more than pipeline marketing….and I agree that parents have seriously dropped a ball out there…except not all kids come from intact homes..lots of parentws are exhausted these days just trying to pay bills…and not all parents come from *perfect* situations themselves…so it would be nice to have *some* limits on what Corporations are doing…especially now that they are bona-fide people!

  3. I hope the girls find time away from the mirror to play in the sunshine and fresh air.

  4. Elaine,
    that is an interesting statement…communicating through cosmetics??? I guess maybe I am getting old if Wal-Mart is communicating with children through the use of cosmetics. Does Wal-Mart “communicate” with hunters when it sells guns and ammo?

  5. Walmart is filling the void left by the discontinuation of Mary Kate and Ashley cosmetics. This idiocy has been going on long before Geo Girl.

  6. What–no multi-generational line of cosmetics for all the ladies in the family–GeoGirl, GeoGal, and GeoGranny? And what about boys? Shouldn’t they have their own line of GeoGuy cosmetics?


    “GeoGirl is about teaching this generation about beauty care in a responsible way,” said Walmart’s divisional merchandise manager of beauty and personal care products Carmen Bauza. “This [line] is a great learning experience for us to determine how to communicate with this generation.”

    What better way to communicate with young girls than via makeup? That would really lay a fine foundation.


  7. “they can’t pretend they couldn’t do the same with these ridiculous cosmetics.”

    Your point is well taken but I would point out that all the stuff the ban has to do with assuaging religious sympathies. As of now these cosmetics would probably not be decried by the religious establishment. After all any group so heavily invested in concepts like the show “Tots and Tiaras,” which I imagine to be seen as mainstream in the bible belt, wouldn’t get that this cosmeticlines is destructive on so many levels.

  8. Just a clarification, the quote above is one I’m disagree with from Nal, not one I’m agreeing with from AY.

  9. But where will the next generation of strippers and slutty girls with self-image issues come from if not from Wal-Mart?

    Good gravy!

    Think of the strippers, man!


  10. Nal & Mike S.,

    If parents are stupid enough to buy GeoGirl products, I can’t blame Walmart for selling it.

    I think I have to agree with AY here. Walmart carrying a product puts it in front of a much wider audience than would be seeking the product out, e.g. by ordering it on the internet. Walmart’s choice to carry the product especially bothers me because Walmart has never pretended to be a passive conduit for goods — they require CDs to be censored in order to be carried in their store, and refuse to stock certain CDs, books, etc.. They refuse to carry emergency contraception pills in their pharmacies. After they’ve eschewed carrying those products because they disagree with the message the product is sending, they can’t pretend they couldn’t do the same with these ridiculous cosmetics.

  11. I really have turned into an old fart when I am more and more amazed by the insanity that has gripped US culture. As much as I hate them I can’t blame Wal-Mart for this, for them it’s just business. Nal has that right. What about the parents who would buy this crap for their kids and reinforce whatever insecurities the child might have?

  12. Wow! And I was just telling my daughter how OLD she looked at eight! Thanks Walmart!

  13. Wheee doggie…….Granny….we finally got some cosmetics to get Ellie married off finally…..

    Don’t you think its interesting that this is Arkansas…where the legal age to marry well….is parental consent…..makes you wonder if you can really sleep safe at night…..

  14. If parents are stupid enough to buy GeoGirl products, I can’t blame Walmart for selling it.

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