64 thoughts on “Watson Beats Humans in Practice Bout”

  1. LK,

    Terrible may have been too strong an adjective. However, compared to previous efforts by Crichton like The Andromeda Strain, it was pretty weak. And although a huge KISS fan, I thought Simmons was just too over the top as the bad guy. I will say it was better than Selleck’s baby movies though.

    Tony S.,

    It’s only a matter of time. Especially with Ballmer at the wheel. 🙂

  2. Smart guns, as close as we have gotten to one anyway, have been around for a while apparently.

    (I liked the bullets in Runaway; I didn’t notice that it wasn’t a great movie- it had Tom Selleck, a young, killer-handsome Tom Selleck in the lead 🙂 )


    On the Market since 1996

    “A Magloc smart gun conversion kit for 1911A1 single-stack magazine automatics is available from Smart Lock Technology Inc. Its patented concept is that the user wear a matching magnetic ring that uses a same-pole magnet to repel the magnetic blocking device installed inside the handle of the firearm hence moving the safety mechanism aside. No battery is required. Once the system is activated using the matching magnetic ring, the owner can switch the over-ride switch to the on position and allow anyone to fire the pistol.”

  3. Tony and Buddha,

    Oh and let’s not forget Mirrored sky the army in that has some serious hardware in their armor. I can think of a few other stories with smart guns, especially the variant that would only fire for the right user, but not specifically enough to recall which ones (I think they play a minor role in The Foundation trilogy).

    The thing is, there’s multiple subgenres of science fiction, and the ones that get in too great a detail about the weapons tend just to be Tom Clancy books with lasers.

    On the other hand, AI is a great stand in for Frankenstein’s Monster, Mephistopheles, spirits, oracles, etc. It’s got utility.

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