Dallas Police Officer Charged With Stealing $250,000 From Crime Stoppers Program

Dallas police Senior Corporal Theadora Ross, 26, is accused (with another woman Malva Delley) of collecting $250,000 in rewards for bogus tips to the Crime Stoppers program. Police allege that Ross would award the money to Delley for bogus tips and they would split the cash.

Ross was tasked with taking the tips and awarding the money. The tipsters would use a secret code to pick up the money at the bank. However, when one real tipster went to pick up the cash, he learned that someone else had done so. They investigated and uncovered the alleged scheme. The scheme is detailed in a statement from the U.S. Attorneys’ Office.

The biggest concern for Ross’ lawyer would be Delley cutting a deal. The priority for prosecutors is likely to secure a lengthy sentence against the officer.

Source: CBS

10 thoughts on “Dallas Police Officer Charged With Stealing $250,000 From Crime Stoppers Program”

  1. what a piece of ______. To steal from the city when you are in such a huge position of trust.
    I’ve met my share of detestable “officers” who were
    like corporal manuel sanchez for one; yes the same one who made fun of his recruits, made obscene/vulgar comments, and made misleading statements about his recruits in an attempt to cover up his other lies and false accusations in an attempt to legitimize the termination of another recruit he disliked.

    To lie, deceive and make obscene statements puts one in the same category as Senior Cpl. Theadora Ross and Cat Latiffe; abhorrent stains to the uniform and profession. Anyone who has such appalling integrity issues should not only be terminated, but should resign themselves to selling seeds by mail.

  2. How many innocent have been convicted as the result of a false crime report so that the officer would be paid? I. Will bet Many!!

  3. The levelof errogance of officers today is a result of the judicials system’s lack of accountability and transparency of their officers. The BIGGER PICTURE is the white collar crime of the judicial system that allows officers to get away with crimes. Those POINTINg a finger should look in the mirror while doing so. You will see the culprit of all misconduct of cops. DON’T ALLOW IT. SET AN EXAMPLE MAYBE THEN THE COPS WILL STOP USING THEIR POWER TO VICTIMIZE

  4. Texas. From the inked article it looks like this was done over a three month time period. It looks like they were greedy about it, too much crime in too short of a time. If they had slowed down and worked the system over a long period they may have gotten away with it.

    Meanwhile in Austin, police are working hard to inflate their arrest numbers:


    Police bait car program lands couple who reported suspicious car in court”

  5. I was amazed to find out that their greed hadn’t led them to leave themselves a tip about what they were doing in order to split the reward one last time.

  6. It amazes me that people like these two make it through everyday life relatively unscathed. The stupidity is astounding!

  7. This happened in Texas, of course. How long did they think they could get away with this kind of scheme? I hope that both of these felons spend a long time in jail thinking about this brainy idea! WAs the money recovered?

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