Victim Found in Trunk of Stolen Car After Fender Bender

Barion Blake is being sought by police to answer for something found in his trunk after a fender bender: a body. Police charge that Blake store a BMW from an owner, stabbed him, and stuffed him in the trunk. Akeem Ajimotokan was saved when an accident put Blake to foot and New York police noticed blood on the trunk.

Blake was filing out the paper work after responding to an advertisement selling the car when he attacked Ajimotokan.
Blake allegedly had not only stabbed the owner but cut off his ear. He had the accident near his own house.

Blake has a long criminal record with six arrests in New York alone. If found guilty, he can look forward to life in prison for this one with kidnapping, attempt murder, and about a dozen other likely charges.

Ajimotokan (shown right) is known as a trusting individual by his friends and family. He is clinging to life and will hopefully survive this ordeal.

Source: AOL

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  1. How did that get there???? This guy should spend the rest of his life behind bars if he is convicted. Disgusting and stupid!

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