Man Reportedly Dies After Being Left 16 Hours in Texas Emergency Room Without Care

We have yet another citizen left to die in a waiting room in the United States. Witnesses say that a man was left for 16 hours to sit in the emergency room in the University Hospital in San Antonio until other patients informed the nurse that he had stopped breathing.

We have seen a steady line of these cases, but legislators have done virtually nothing to deter such neglect in our system. The average wait is now six hours in an emergency room in the United States, a disgraceful record for a developed nation. These neglect cases are now becoming routine (here and here)

What is interesting is that hospitals now use HIPAA as an excuse not to respond to questions over neglect, insisting in this case that they are protecting the privacy of the man who was allegedly allowed to die without any care in their emergency room.

found on Reddit.

Jonathan Turley

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  1. SM:

    Thanks for the clip! I was more of a headbanger back in the day – Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Blue Oyster Cult and the like, as well as Yes, Styx and and a whole host of other bands that I’ve seen. My musical tastes kind of run all over the place!

    I didn’t develop an appreciation for the blues until the mid-80’s and it’s primarily what I listen to these days.

  2. SL I wished I remembered more of it. I saw Janis Joplin at Northwestern University. Saw Blind Faith and the Jefferson Airplane. I am trying to remember the concerts.

  3. “My first concert was the Mothers of Invention …”

    It must have been one hell of a show, too!

  4. My first concert was the Mothers of Invention along with Eric Clapton and Cream in the Chicago Coliseum. It should have been Jimi Hendrix but I was sick and unable to go.

  5. “My second concert was Kansas …”

    Should have been my first concert …

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    Ha! That is funny! My second concert was Kansas “Leftoverture” and I’ll be damned if I remember the opening act, partly because we got to the show late.

    I saw Clapton in ’94 for “From the Cradle.” One of THE best concerts I’ve ever been to. No opening act, just pure Clapton for 2.5 hours. Sadly, he was criticized after the show because he played nothing but the Blues and some of his fans felt “cheated.” IMHO, he produced some of his best work when he made the switch.

  7. SL,

    It’s funny your second show was “2112”. My third show was “Exit . . . Stage Left”, which was basically “2112” redux. My first was Eric Clapton for “Backless” with Muddy Waters opening and my second was ZZ Top for “Degüello”.

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    There are few pleasure equal to the discovery of new music.

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    Yeah, but I just found that clip a couple days ago and couldn’t resist.

    Although I will point out that Mingus’s long time drummer, Danny Richmond, also recorded with Joe Cocker and Elton John.

  10. Gyges,

    I did say “one of”. 🙂 Those guys are fantastic! To me, jazz drumming and rock drumming are different creatures. I’ve heard some guys – mainly guitarists – complain that Peart is “too precise and sterile” sounding but I don’t subscribe to that school.

  11. El Cid:

    Comedy is not your strong suit. Stick to your day job, whatever that is.

  12. “I’ve been a long time Rush fan”

    Me to Rush is great, his radio show is awesome.

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    Peart’s lyrics are pure poetry in my book! I’ve been a long time Rush fan. My second concert ever was “2112” at the long-defunct Palladium in NYC. The size of Neil Peart’s drum kit was amazing, and our seats were so close the the stage I could just about touch Alex and Geddy … Alex was so dreamy … but I digress!

    Lol, I am FAR from perfect!! But thanks all the same – as I said to Mike, that mean alot coming from someone as astute as you 🙂

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