Chicago Woman Accused of Fatally Hitting Man After Driving While Updating Her Facebook Account

A wrongful death lawsuit in Chicago has alleged another case of distracted driving . . . this time involving a driver, Araceli Beas, who is accused of updating her Facebook account on her cellphone just before she hit and killed pedestrian Raymond Veloz.

Veloz, 70, has just had an accident and was speaking with the other driver when he was hit on the side of the road. The civil lawsuit alleges the use of an electronic device while driving — an act that would presumably allow the jury to make a finding of negligence per se if the electronic records are found dispositive.

Source: CBS

25 thoughts on “Chicago Woman Accused of Fatally Hitting Man After Driving While Updating Her Facebook Account”

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  2. I have a simple solution to the cellular phone problem. Back in 1989, when cellular telephones cost about $2000 and were nearly as large and heavy as a brick, I got one of the early ones (still have it, it would be good to throw if I lived in a glass house and needed an emergency fire escape) to allow broadcasters to reach me when I was away from home, as I was then doing some broadcast engineering work.

    I carried a wide area pager because cellular system towers were sparse and the pager worked where the cellular telephone did not work, and, I was traveling when a broadcast station crisis arose, the broadcaster would page me and I would find a safe place to stop to check the pager and, a return call was proper, would turn on the cellular telephone and, if the cellular telephone worked where I stopped, I would call and learn what problem had arisen.

    These days, pagers are useless, the paging companies around here seem to have totally quit offering paging service. So, when I travel, my newer cellular telephone is always turned off, and, whenever I stop, as for a short driving break, I check for any voice mail messages.

    I never drive with a cellular telephone turned on, and have never done so. Why not? Because a main focus of my research in bioengineering is about human brain function, and I know that a cellular telephone, even with hands-free operation, makes driving unconscionably dangerous.

    Long after I was born, people traveled across the whole country without ever needing a cellular telephone.

    As in what I said to my daughter-in-law, the last reasonably long conversation I ever had with her, when confusing wants with needs, sometimes bad things happen.

  3. my favorite is still the lady who sued the rv company when after setting the cruise control she got up to make a sandwich. some people don’t need distractions to be idiots.

  4. I don’t trust many people behind the wheel without a cellphone or palm.

    Seems about time we get the google-cars to market so we can text, drink and sleep as much as we like inside our cars. The economy could use a lil’ boost, and so do people, I guess.

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