GW Professor Gets Thrown Out of Colonial Game and Becomes Internet Sensation

A George Washington Accounting professor went to the game this week between our Colonials and Dayton to be honored for his financial contributions to the athletic department. He ended up becoming a virtual campus icon — honored for his confrontation with a referee in defense of the Colonials in a video (below) that has gone viral.

During the game, Kasmir began yelling at a referee from the sideline. He explained later that “Basically, I told the ref he was the worst ref I’d ever seen and he wasn’t worth the $1,600 dollars they were paying him and that was it.”

The referee responded by tossing Kasmir out of the game. Kasmir at first refused to go, but finally relented while receiving the accolades of the fans.

GW won, 60-58.

I have always warned my friends and students about accounting professors. They are a wild and unruly crowd. You have to keep your door locked if you do not want to find one of them in your office tallying up your checkbook or expense account. Often you cannot even walk outside at night in fear of accounting professors going wilding around the campus. Sure they are the big men on campus, attracting crowds of fans and people swooning around them and begging for dates. But they are a dangerous cut of academician — a well known fact among professors. Say a word against double-entry bookkeeping or Luca Pacioli and they will tear apart the place.

8 thoughts on “GW Professor Gets Thrown Out of Colonial Game and Becomes Internet Sensation”

  1. seamus:

    “The prof was with his 4 year old grand son when yelling at the ref; which is nice.”


    ROFLMAO and just priceless. When I grow up I want to be you. No, I really mean it. Great work. 😀

  2. Maybe I’m being too harsh. I read this story earlier today at a regular news site. The prof was with his 4 year old grand son when yelling at the ref; which is nice. The was a still photo where he’s standing up and pointing his finger in the ref’s face. Maybe he’s watched too many Laker’s games, maybe he felt entitled after giving a lot of money to the program. It’s not like he ran on the field and tackled a third base coach with his son, but I think it’s still fair to ask him to leave.

  3. seamus:

    You old progressive you. Good point. I hadn’t looked at it that way, but it’s a valid point. Haughty? Maybe. Demagoguery? For sure.

    I didn’t see JT in the frame. Likely he was leading cheers with the megaphone.

  4. I always think it’s funny when rich people harass working class people. Especially while they’re working!! Too funny! Way to go professor! Good dig on how little money the ref makes!! Sweeeeeeet! Ha ha ha. I bet that looser of a ref has to work 2 jobs.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha. Hip hip Hooray for the professor acting like an ass hole.

  5. Geez, and I always thought they were boring … I had no idea what I was missing!

  6. Accounting – like economics a dismal science.

    Guy needs something to spice up his life. Let’s see if he’ll try that away from the friendly confines of GW. I’d suggest a repeat performance that in Philadelphia at a Temple away game. Then we’d see the real accounting meaning of “Discontinued Operations,” or maybe “Dividends in Arrears.”

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