When Judges Become Linebackers

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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America's Version of a Football Judge, Hon. David Doty, Embroiled in His Own Contest

The usual skills of judgeship like prudence, patience, neutrality, and gravitas pale sometimes to good tackling form. His honor Judge Marks Moore,60, learned that fact the hard way immediately following a jury trial in his London courtroom.

Seems criminal defendant, Paul Reid, was none too enamored of the jury’s verdict and seized the opportunity to leap across the clerk’s bench and head straight to the Judge’s door. Undaunted, Judge Moore, still sporting his black robes and wig of office, grabbed the now fleeing felon around the neck sending both of them crashing down the steps. Breaking away, the 34-year-old Reid managed to scramble to an exterior door and likely freedom, but our “Butkus of the Bench” was having none of it. Tackling the recently convicted sex-offender from behind, Moore pinned him until not-so-fleet-footed police arrived. For his part, Reid said he was not fleeing justice — just working on his broken field running no doubt.

Source: Reuters

~Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  1. mespo,

    FYI, Over there if you are inebriated it is ok to drive on the other side of the road….FYI…do not forget to change you cell plan which includes data, text and airtime….You do not want an 8K dollar phone bill when you get back…Also, if you go to southern Ireland… take a picture of the wonderful Palm Trees…

  2. Looks can be deceiving, particularly when it comes to age – a 60 year-old tackling a 34 year-old whipper-snapper!



    Safe travels … Sláinte!

  3. mespo,

    Bon Voyage … be safe


    Subscribing to return later … if Kasich hasn’t stolen my house for the good of the state.

  4. Mespo,
    I am jealous. Have a great trip to Ireland. We were there in 2003 and it keeps calling me back. The food in the pubs is the best and usually the cheapest. Send us some pics!
    This judge is kind of amazing, but being a Bears fan I am not so sure that the Butkus analogy is correct. If Butkus had tackled him he would have bitten his leg!

  5. Good for him…the judge that is…. I just hope he is not sentenced by this judge…even if probation was an option I think its out the window now…after all he has demonstrated he is a flight risk…

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