8 thoughts on “Spooky”

  1. Mike,

    In researching it, it’s not strictly Beck’s album. It’s a side side project called “The Record Club.” They get together every so often and just go through an entire album by an artist and record a version of every song on it over the course of a day or so. That takes guts.

  2. SWM,

    I envy you the concert, I’ve never seen him live. He moves me emotionally and his poetry is superb.

  3. Saw Cohen in 2009. He was accompanied by the Web sisters and Javier Mas. I think all of them were from the European tour.

  4. Gyges,

    Beck doesn’t do it for me. I like the way Cohen sounds and the backup musicians/arranger from his 2008 European
    tour are superb. Damn though, your the musician and I’m just an old fart whose family won’t let me sing because I can’t carry a tune. Instrumentally, I do well on a kazoo and nothing else.

  5. Nal,

    If I recall from band…oh so many years ago…wasn’t spooky originally instrumental only….it wasn’t until the guy for the ARS wrote the words that it became really well known….Cobb or something like that…

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