Nancy Grace Attacks The Weather

CNN’s Nancy Grace has long been an embarrassment for many lawyers as a type of legal Glenn Beck. As noted in this column and prior blogs, Grace (who often refers to her work as a prosecutor) was repeatedly sanctioned for abuses and was viewed as something of a scandal in Alabama. Even in the face of lawsuits, CNN has kept her snarling, abusive show for the same reason Fox has kept Beck — in a blind pursuit of ratings without consideration for decent or journalistic values. This clip, however, shows that Grace not only can attack guests and savage constitutional rights — she feels equally competent to attack meteorologists over weather and science.

The one thing missing here is to blame the meteorologist for the radiation and suggest that he is personally responsible for an act of terrorism. Of course, I expect if CNN were just to place Grace on the West Coast, she could hold back the radiation with the just power of her signature snarl and hiss.

Notably, Fox is considering dumping Beck, who may form his own channel. Notably, this decision only came with a decrease in Beck’s ratings. CNN, however, has shown no qualms over its own rabid anchor.

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  1. Governor Jerry Brown, issued a state of emergency for Mendocino county, and other Northern sections of California due to the TSUNAMI that was related to Japan’s tsunami. There was no danger of radiation then, or presently! Nancy Grace, can’t read apparently, and when she gets something stuck in her mind, nothing can change her opinion; even if she’s consummately wrong!

  2. Who wants to bet if Glenn Beck leaves Fox cnn will snap him up in a heartbeat?

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  4. Haven’t we seen a lot of careerist, publicity hungry prosecutors void the constitution in their hunger for glory. Rudy Guiliani or Tom Dewey anyone? Compared to those two Grace is a bush-leauger appealing to the ignorant. Dog The Bounty Hunter gets better ratings than her show and impossible as it may seem, given Dog’s vapidity, provides more information.

  5. I watched her once years ago on Court TV … never again until today. I can see I haven’t been missing anything.

  6. Nancy is just misunderstood. She means well. I get really pissed and flip out about the weather as well. It craps all over ones golf game.

  7. culheath,

    “she is an embarrassment to women humanity.”

    Good catch – thanks for correcting me 🙂



    “Nancy Grace has kids?”

    Sadly, the She-Devil spawned twins … “Ten Foot Pole” … lol

  8. Holy crap! Nancy Grace has kids? That just goes to show the hazards of swimming in the gene pool without a lifeguard on duty.

  9. Not only is Nancy Grace an embarrassment to the legal profession, she is an embarrassment to women. Angry, mean-spirited, rude and hugely obnoxious. I feel sorry for her kids – she is what they have to look up to as a role model.

    “or the same reason Fox has kept Beck — in a blind pursuit of ratings with consideration to decent or journalistic values.”

    As the say goes … money talks and bullsh*t walks …

  10. I notice the crawl ask the question”are you friends with Nancy ?”

    I think they are hoping that a friend will tell her to chill.

  11. Wow, she’s really something. You’re right, she sounds like Glenn Beck. This isn’t news, this is bad entertainment.

  12. or the same reason Fox has kept Beck — in a blind pursuit of ratings with consideration to decent or journalistic values.

    I am sure there is a missing negation in this sentence; like, “without any”.

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