Wisconsin Conservative Justices Accused Of Adopting Ethics Rules Written By Corporate Lobbyists

Recently, we saw how Wisconsin Justice David Prosser is running for reelection after calling Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson a “total bitch.” Throwing aside notions of judicial decorum, Prosser has insisted that he meant every word, including his promise to “destroy” her. Now, it has been disclosed that Prosser and three of his fellow conservative justices voted to rejected an ethics rule barring them from hearing cases of major campaign contributors and then reportedly adopted a rule drafted by corporate lobbyists.

Prosser and his colleague voted against a rule that would have bar them and other state judges from hearing cases involving parties who gave them more than $1,000 in their campaigns. It was strongly supported by public interest groups and opposed by business and manufacturing groups. The justice reportedly adopted without change rules
The four conservative justices not only declined to adopt the league’s suggestions, but instead of writing their own guidelines, they opted to enact without any changes the “rules” written by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), and the Realtors Association.

His is also being criticized for this dismissal of an ethics complaint against conservative Justice Michael Gableman.

Source: Think Progress

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  1. eniobob,

    Here in Ohio we call it “educated patience” … educate the populace (which is effort-intensive) and then have the patience to let it soak in … democracy is a slow and messy process but it is the best process we have. Education is the key and that takes constant effort and dedication. Patience is then the virtue that allows democracy to work.

  2. FYI:

    In Ohio, SB 5 Stalled; Republicans Look to Weaken the Bill
    By: David Dayen Thursday March 24, 2011 11:45 am

    Last night, I was at my local Drinking Liberally chapter talking to a couple people about my trip to Madison last month, and someone remarked that Ohio passed a bill which was even more draconian. No, I replied, it hasn’t passed yet, but that reminded me to look into that. A couple weeks ago I wrote about all the hurdles that SB 5 had to clear in order to get through the legislature. The House wanted to take three weeks to pass it, they could end up changing it, and then the Senate, which only cleared the bill by one vote, would have to take it up again. One of the State Senators who voted for the bill said she would sign a referendum petition to overturn it. So getting through the Senate again would be a tall order for Republicans, especially as polls show Ohioans turning sharply against the bill and Republican Governor John Kasic


  3. tomdarch,

    My grandfather was a conservative Republican in the Einsenhower mold. Were he alive today and to have read your post? I am sure he would say something along the lines of “That’s for damn certain.”

  4. Are there any REAL conservatives left to re-take “the conservative movement”? Sensible conservatives and sensible progressives can strongly agree that judges should recuse themselves in cases where campaign donors/spenders are parties to cases before them.

    Whatever these scumballs are who currently call themselves “conservatives” we need a new name for them and their political movement – it has nothing to do with patriotic, honest, forthright conservatism.

  5. Mike Spindell,

    Yeah, but I would love to break the karmic chain and save a few innocents … I know, I know …

  6. I do believe in Karma and think these Cons will reap the whirlwind of their own hubris.

  7. eniobob,
    That is good news that the courts are seeing this crap for what it is. An attack on the middle class and the poor.

  8. OS:

    Christie here in Jersey is also getting caught,in his rush to push his agenda here in Jersey and the courts are pushing back.

  9. OS,
    Great link to the update on the DA lawsuit in Wisconsin. I am astonished at the unbridled arrogance of this so-called Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, David Prosser. He has set a new level of corruption in the legal world. What in the world has happened to Wisconsin? Can Supreme Court justices be recalled under Wisconsin Law?

  10. I saw on the news that a Wisconsin school teacher has committed suicide. She was reportedly depressed and worried about her job. Take a fragile and depressed person, mix in uncertainty and stress as she feared loss of her job and she took a fatal overdose. She is now the first known fatality in Walker’s War on Workers.

  11. “Supreme Court Justice David Prosser says he is “about 100%” sure that Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting budget review bill will come before his court — and while not coming out and saying how he’d rule (wink, wink), he’s telling Republicans they should support him because his opponent would rule against Walker.

    In a video interview for the Dane County Republican Party, Prosser, a former GOP legislator, also warns that redistricting is likely to come before the court, and he and his conservative colleagues “don’t want any part of legislative redistricting.”

    This is the same guy whose campaign said he wants to “complement” the work of Walker and the GOP legislature, because his views “closely mirror” Walker’s.”


  12. When’s the Fire Sale so us mere mortals can buy our very own politican or judge?

  13. There is no bigger oxymoron than “corporate ethics”.

    It’s nice to see that fascism is on the move in the open now though.

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