Two Texas High School Students Charged With Animal Cruelty Over Chicken Sacrifice

In Benbrook, Texas, two teenagers were charged after a bizarre sacrificing of two chickens to enhance the performance of their baseball team. The teens, 15 and 16, were also barred from playing baseball for the rest of the season.

They face a maximum two-year jail sentence and a fine of up to $10,000. Their coach says that it may have been due to the influence of such films “Major League” and “Bull Durham” as well as the fact that “Baseball is very superstitious.”

Source: MSNBC

9 thoughts on “Two Texas High School Students Charged With Animal Cruelty Over Chicken Sacrifice”

  1. Sounds like another case of prosecutorial overreach, unless the sacrifice involved torture. If the chickens were killed with no more suffering than occurs in a commercial slaughterhouse, I can’t see how this isn’t selective prosecution.

    Anyone remember the video of Sarah Palin talking while turkeys are being killed in the background? If that wasn’t animal cruelty, and these boys did no worse, there’s no case.

    Lawyer up, boys.

  2. Dallysdad,

    I am proud to say that there are many adults that still choke the chicken….spank the bishop too…

  3. There are far more cases involving teenagers choking chickens; where are the prosecutions?

  4. Does this mean that Tex ass officials are going to go to the 2 or 3 Tyson chicken plants in their state and arrest all of those employees for chicken cruelty?

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  6. But what if these sacrifices were part of their religious beliefs? Would they not be constitutionally protected?

    Lawyer up boys!

  7. Come on Baseball is a seriously held religious belief in Benbrook….

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