Muslims Protest Burning of Quran By Florida Preacher By Killing 20 People

Qur'an (Koran)
Muslims around the world have protested the burning of a Quran (Koran) by Florida preacher Rev. Terry Jones by killing 20 people and injuries dozens of others. It is a perfect matching of religious fueled hatred. Jones burns the Quran to protest what he views as a violent, intolerant religion and radical Muslims then killed scores of people to protest such desecration. I will say it again: these people have a lot in common.

Many of the deathes occurred in Afghanistan after our good friend Afghan President Hamid Karzai helped things along by highlighting the Florida incident. The dead include United Nations workers. Karzai has been using any opportunity lately to denounce the United States and express sympathy for the Taliban — while insisting that we continue our spending of billions in his country.

Most Afghans were unaware of the incident on March 20th until Karzai made it the focus of a recent speech.

Jones is an example of how anyone can call himself a preacher and the head of a church — even though he seems to have only a handful of followers. He has expressed no regrets: “It was intended to stir the pot; if you don’t shake the boat, everyone will stay in their complacency.”

The fact is that Jones’ hateful act is protected speech in this country. Despite Obama’s support for an international blasphemy resolution, we remain committed to free speech — even speech that others find insulting and sacrilegious. He was roundly denounced in his country and has lost most of the small number of people in his church. Yet, I will not join those blaming him for this violence. It is a mistake to blame unpopular speakers for such mob responses. It is the fault of these murderous extremists. What Jones is responsible for is his own act of hateful desecration. Instead of showing that it is Jones who is the extremist and the symbol of intolerance, these Muslim extremists have played into dreams of anti-Muslims like Jones.

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  1. “Man, some of the people that post here are absolute morons.”

    It is really rewarding when some of the fools that drop in here expose their failings within the context of their own content.
    Only someone of the greatest ignorance would use such a ridiculous sobriquet and make blanket statements about groups of other people. What is most amusing about this fools comments is that they are clearly meant to be upsetting to liberals, yet only succeed in exposing the ignorance of the poster. Amuse us more please? We need your kind of fool to show us how lucky we are to be people who can think, rather than those like you who pretend they are capable of thinking.

  2. Man, some of the people that post here are absolute morons. Take Laughing Buddha for example. He is clearly one of those arrogant know-it-all pricks who makes the rest of us who call themselves atheists look bad. The following is an example of his stupidity:
    “No God, under any name, anywhere, and at any time has ever written a book nor would they need to write a book.

    A being with absolute omnipresences and omnipotence would not need a book to make mortal creatures believe as it wants them to believe.

    It would simply make it so.

    It’s a god. Free from the physical constraints of the universe. A God can, by definition, accomplish what it wants within the physical universe simply by divine will.”

    Hey moron, before you go criticizing people who belong to a religion you clearly know absolutely nothing about, perhaps you should look up that religion’s teachings on God and the free will of man, particularly as it relates to man’s acceptance of God. As an example, many Christian philosophers a whole hell of a lot smarter than you have written a seemingly endless amount on just that topic.

    Your post reminds me of the more idiotic atheists (and I am an atheist, so don’t try to mock me for believing in God)who think they somehow are playing a trump card on believers when they use the juvenile “if your god is so great, why does he allow bad things to happen” nonsense.

    You really, really need to read up on what a particular religion believes in regards to free will and God’s supposed involvement in every single occurrence everywhere on Earth at all times before you make an ass of yourself writing such nonsense about God “simply mak[ing]” everyone believe in his existence.

  3. The following quote is yet more idiotic nonsense from Duane Skelton:
    “You state that you do not blame Jones for the violence, that it is the fault of the murderous extremists. The problem with your position is that it is a logical fallacy. Blame may not be restricted to just one party. Blame can be shared, assigned to multiple parties. Perhaps the felony murder rule is an example of blame being placed on more than the actual killer. I believe Mr. Jones and those who took part in the “trial” share blame for the violence and deaths resulting from their actions.”

    So Jones shares blame? So Jones is somehow just as culpable as those who committed the murder? A man burns a book, so when a mob goes out and murders individuals not even remotely involved in said burning, Jones is also at fault? You have got to be kidding me? You really need to rethink what it is to live in a free society because you are obviously clueless. Your “logic” is similar to that of defense attorneys who claim a woman is equally culpable in her rape because she wore a short skirt. According to morons like Duane Skelton, we all need to walk on eggshells because irrational thugs might use are actions as an excuse to murder someone, thus, according to Duane “I am idiot Skelton” we are just as guilty as the actual perpetrators. If a Muslim wakes up tomorrow and says “if you draw a picture of Muhammad, I will kill someone”, according to Duane, the person who draws the picture deserves blame for any resultant murders committed. If a Muslim goes on TV and claims that selling alcohol and eating pork is offensive enough to provoke murder, according to Duane Skelton, every beer distributor and pork-eater is culpable in any murders that occur. You can claim my examples are foolish, but they are no more foolish than claiming that the burning of a book, yes, a f#@$*% book, for Christ sake, somehow makes one equally to blame in the resultant murders of completely innocent individuals.

  4. You have got to be kidding me. This is an example of the “perfect matching of religious fueled hatred”. So burning a book is the moral equivalent of murdering a few dozen people?

    Even more ridiculous is the nonsense from idiots who claim that Jones is somehow responsible for the actions of the murderous Islamic thugs (sorry for the redundance). The comment above from Duane Skelton is the perfect example of such idiocy. So now Jones is to blame because someone has committed murder, because they said that Jones burning the book would make them do so? So if I walk up to a random person on the street and tell him that if he drives away in a car, I will murder someone, and he does so, does that make him ” morally responsible”? After all, as in the example from Duane Skelton, I warned him I would murder someone if he drove away in a car. I think we know the answer to that question. Yes my example is idiotic, but then so is the absurd nonsense from Duane Skelton.

    The only individuals “morally responsible” for the murders that were committed are those who committed them.

  5. I failed to make my position clear. Blue Fox believes a am making excuses for the people who killed innocent UN workers. I did not intend that meaning. I merely wished to point out that Jones has some blame as well. To use blue Fox’s example, if I have a reasonable expectation that calling him an a**hole will lead to the death of others, whether they are relatives or not, puts blame on me if I call him an a**hole. I may have the constitutional right to call him an a**hole..but that does not abslove me of moral blame if I know doing so will likely lead to the death of someone. I condemn the killings of the UN workers. But that does not mean I can’t also condemn the acts of the fool that led to the killings.

  6. Here’s why.

    To paint an analogy, if you called me an a**hole, and I decided in response to go apesh*t and shoot some acquaintances of yours who happen to be nearby, would you be partially responsible for the murders? Of course, not. It would be insane or illogical to claim so, and your excuse-making here for Islamic extremism/terr0rism is no less insane or illogical, I am afraid.

    Jones’ action was arguably unwise (but he was exercising his freedom of expression), and an appropriate response for any Muslim person offended by it would have been to (privately or publicly) burn a Bible or two (or a few hundred Bibles if they were really mad), but not killing innocent people who, in this case, were actually there to help the people of Afghanistan.

    The Koran riot killings are utterly disgusting and inhumane actions, and rational people of all stripes should condemn such insanity. To do otherwise, as Maher puts it in the video here:
    is nothing short of “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

  7. You state that you do not blame Jones for the violence, that it is the fault of the murderous extremists. The problem with your position is that it is a logical fallacy. Blame may not be restricted to just one party. Blame can be shared, assigned to multiple parties. Perhaps the felony murder rule is an example of blame being placed on more than the actual killer. I believe Mr. Jones and those who took part in the “trial” share blame for the violence and deaths resulting from their actions.

  8. catch22oy,

    “Wouldn’t it be a hoot if we had to thank Pastor Jones for ending the Afghan War?”

    Would kicking him in the ass classify as a “thank you?” 🙂



    I would feel sorry for Taliban but … since I’m a liberal scumbag, I tend to not feel compassion for my fellow humans …

  9. Tootles,

    You are extremely confused if you think I need your approval in accurately describing your behavior past and present. Bigot is as bigot does, homophobic racist zealot. In addition to you being what you is?

    You make me laugh.

    I don’t just discriminate against bigots. I also discriminate against thieves and pedophiles too. Many other kinds of criminals and sociopaths as well. See, you miss the point of “judge not lest ye be judged”. It’s an evocation against unreasoned and irrational judgments, not against judgments themselves. People judge each other all the time. Homophobia and racism – two of your demonstrated bigoted behaviors – are both unreasoned and irrational. They threaten your preconceptions of reality. Too bad for you, reality exists without your approval. The difference being that I accept the reality that people come in different colors and sexual orientations whereas you do not. Or perhaps you do and your response is simple hatred. Either way, it shows a profound disconnect with reality on your part.

    Which is hardly surprising.

    Simple is as simple does, Forrest.

    And if you are anything, it is a simple creature, Tootles.

  10. “You falsely accuse me of hating liberals”

    Really Tootie?

    Does “liberal scumbags” ring a bell? Don’t abuse my intelligence by saying “scumbag” in that context isn’t hateful.

  11. Oh of course Tootie….I am…do liberals taste better with or without catchup? I wanna know….a chicken by definition is a liberal…don’t you know…thats why they cross the road….


    You are welcome…..I wanted to not insult any others as Tootie does a good job all by herself…

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