University of Virginia Law Students Create Replica of Law School Out of Reject Letters

This masterpiece is an exact replica of the University of Virginia Law School building made by law students . . . out of their rejection letters. I love law students.

While I am still partial to our own GW Law Revue cast, this is a brilliant display of humor and creativity. I have always told the incoming classes at George Washington that the most useful personality characteristic for a successful lawyer is a sense of humor. If so, these students are bound for glory.

Source: Above the Law

7 thoughts on “University of Virginia Law Students Create Replica of Law School Out of Reject Letters”

  1. I couldn’t imagine doing what I do without having a sense of humor … in most instances, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane and gets me through the day …

  2. Given the recent years of 5-4 USSC rulings I don’t see how a sense of humor can be optional. They should be handing out orange wigs and red noses with some of those decisions.

  3. May I suggest foreclosure law … gainful employment will be available in that field for years to come.

  4. “The want or imperfection of the moral sense in some men, like the want or imperfection of the senses of sight and hearing in others, is no proof that it is a general characteristic of the species. When it is wanting, we endeavor to supply the defect by education, by appeals to reason and calculation, by presenting to the being so unhappily conformed, other motives to do good and to eschew evil, such as the love, or the hatred, or rejection of those among whom he lives, and whose society is necessary to his happiness and even existence; demonstrations by sound calculation that honesty promotes interest in the long run; the rewards and penalties established by the laws; and ultimately the prospects of a future state of retribution for the evil as well as the good done while here. These are the correctives which are supplied by education, and which exercise the functions of the moralist, the preacher, and legislator; and they lead into a course of correct action all those whose disparity is not too profound to be eradicated.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to Thomas Law dated Jun. 13, 1814

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