California Judge Arrested For Alleged Domestic Abuse

Solano County Superior Court Judge Robert S. Bowers was arrested yesterday in Vallejo on suspicion of domestic violence — a charge that he denies. The Vallejo Police Department said that his wife has a minor but visible injury to support her claim.

Bowers, however, has supplied witnesses to support his account and his lawyer criticized the police for bringing the charges without sufficient evidence. Attorney Daniel Russo said. “The Vallejo police should be ashamed of themselves . . . Normally it’s dangerous for a defense attorney to say this, but I categorically deny that Bowers had any contact with his wife.”

Bowers posted $25,000 bail and transferred his case to another judge. It is not clear how long he will refrain from hearing cases.

Source: Mercury News as first seen on ABA Journal.

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  1. My son was tried in front of Judge Bower’s and he was very unfair and prejudicial, and now the judge is in the hot seat or the spot light, but he knows how to work the system. But I hope that Karma gets him in the end.
    . When Judge Bower’s preceded over my sons case he was so unfair and rolled his eye’s and just laughed at my sons tears of trying to fire his attorney who was not representing him correctly. This so called attorney was appointed to him by the court. His so called attorney was mentally abusing my son by telling My Son “Judge Bowers hated my son and would see him rot in jail for the rest of his life.” There were other things also that was not given to the jury, like a police report when my son reported the so called victim for breaking into his residence a week before the incident. The so called victim who was stocking my son not only did she brake into my sons place of residence, but she also vandalized it. When we mentioned this to his attorney, the statement was, she was not on trial he was. She vandalized his computer and broke at least 5 phones of his, into pieces because she thought, he was talking to other girls. She was the one, that was stocking my son. Her lies, and good acting abilities basically it was a trial of“He said she said” was all that was needed to convict my son. The jury did not know the tension that was going on between my son and his so called appointed lawyer mentally abusing him, when he tried to write notes to his attorney and his attorney would ignore his request. The frustration was high in my son’s eyes when he was fighting for his life, and the jury took it like he did not respect his attorney. Little did they know he tried firing him 5 times and was turned down by the so called honorable Judge Bowers. There was no evidence in my sons case either just allegations of a girl who admitted she lied to her parents about seeing my son for 6 years. The girl was 26 year old and was forbidden to see my son and lied her way to the jury, One of the things that was unfair is they never put me on the stand ,even though I was a crucial witness, hearing with my own ears her screaming my son that he was going to be sorry he was talking to other girls when they were broke up .
    Judge bowers gave my son 29 years and took his license away for life even though she the so called victim asked my son to follow her in his car, and when he was tryed to avoid hitting her because she slammed on her brakes, because it was foggy, he hit a parked car. My sons car never even touched her car, but the judge said my son was trying to use his car as a deadly weapon.
    The girl, or so called victim could not remember certain facts that should have been clear when she was lying and would start putting on a show for the jury and start crying when caught in a lie, she was just a great actress, because she was lying and kept saying, oh that was another time when she got her stories mixed up , because she would change her stories around and they kept adding charges on her testimony alone. Oh my God was this really happening in America. I hope the girl involved grows a conscience and admits the truth someday, because God knows everything and someday maybe Karma will bite her. I cry every night because of this injustice in America. Judge Bowers deserves …this and more, when Karma comes to play. I hope just because he has money and connections, it does not get him out. That the Judge feels what it is to be accused, and be innocent. Maybe the judge is guilty, and that is why he was so hard on my innocent son.
    I thought when you were innocent you had nothing to worry about, but the system proved me wrong. Because I’m not rich or have money; my son could not or did not have proper council. I tried to hire a private investigator because I could not afford another attorney but I to find out the true facts of the case but was not allowed to, why not. I wanted the truth. His so called attorney’s investigator told me they did not have money to fly a witness for my son defense, but if it were Judge Bowers I’m sure they will find the funds. I wonder how many innocent people are in jail because of what goes on behind closed doors . Judges and Lawyer’s making deals . The Judges hiring their careers on the lives of innocent citizens. Why didn’t the accuser have to take a lie detector test? I was told because she was not on trail. I thought in America we were innocent until proven guilty, but that is not the case. The way they read the jury instructions even when someone is innocent like one jury member said the way the law is written she had to vote guilty, she also posed the question to why was I not put on the Stand….. Why tell me because of unjust men like judge Bowers who totally deserve Karma to bite them where the sun doesn’t shine.

  2. From the “judges are human too” desk:

    It’s writeup of some recently published research:

    “The authors examined over 1,000 parole decisions made by eight judges in Israel over a 10-month period. In each parole request, a prisoner appeared in front of a judge, and the judge could either accept or deny the request. The judges heard between 14 and 35 of these cases per day, separated into three distinct sessions. The first session ran from the beginning of the day until a mid-morning snack break, the second lasted from the snack break until a late lunch, and the third lasted from lunch until the end of the day.”

    Guess what they found…

    (Hint: the title of the article is “If you want parole, have your case heard right after lunch”)

  3. I think

    § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States,

    only applies to federal laws. However Family law in the District of Columbia and on Indian reservations is covered, I think.

  4. If he oversees any family court issues, then good. FANTASTIC.

    Arrest more lawyers. Let them understand the trauma they cause, the system they perpetuate.

  5. It might not have happened. When I was in Steamboat Springs, a divorce lawyer got a local judge to say that I had molested another woman and there was absolutely no evidence of that. I heard gossip that that same lawyer had advised a woman to hit herself in the face to support a domestic abuse claim so that she could get a better alimony /child support deal. I heard that he advised a woman to try to stop her husband from leaving the house to go to work so that he would hit her and she could claim abuse.

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