Corpus Delicti: California Gang Member Implicated In Murder By His Own Tattoos

Anthony Garcia may be the ultimate example of corpus delicti evidence. The body of evidence in the case is his own body — or least the tattoos on his body that depict the 2004 murder scene where 23-year-old John Juarez was gunned down.

Garcia sports an inked picture of a man being hit by bullets in front of a liquor store adorned with Christmas lights with the words “Rivera Kills” — presumed reference to the gang Rivera-13. Garcia reported confessed to the killing which was later immortalized on his chest.

This rivals the stupidity of writing a popular rap song on your prior unsolved crimes.

Source: Chicago Tribune

8 thoughts on “Corpus Delicti: California Gang Member Implicated In Murder By His Own Tattoos”

  1. Or handing a bank teller a robbery note written on the back of your utilities bill.

  2. I hope that’s not all they have to go on — it is remarkably stupid, but his defense lawyer can argue that he was taking credit for someone else’s crime in order to make himself appear hard. I’d have reasonable doubt if that’s all the evidence they have.

  3. Well he will probably be convicted (let’s hope). He then will get the pleasure of continuing to commit crimes in prison (with impunity).

  4. I would suggest that the Defense Attorney get the money UP FRONT….. If they win, the disappear, if they loose you could disappear….

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