Philadelphia Officer Chases Man Into His Home and Shoots Him in a Controversial Incident With Neighbor

Philadelphia is dealing with a shooting of a man in a dispute with an off-duty police officer. Josh Taylor, 23, was shot in the chest by an eighteen-year veteran of the police force who has not been identified. The officer reportedly claimed that Taylor had a gun, though neighbors insisted that Taylor was on his way to a gun range and did not pull out the weapon.

The off-duty officer recently moved into the neighborhood and the officer was reportedly using his pickup truck to help a relative move into a house on the block.

Taylor is now in a coma. He has a fiancée and a 3-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter. He is given a 50-50 chance of survival.

Taylor’s fiancée Brittney Britton insisted that Taylor was pursued by the officer:

“Next thing you know my boyfriend is running in the house, shuts the door behind him,” Britton said. “The cop opened the door fully on his own, no warrant…got in a stance and just shot him right in the chest and ran… right over to his house and shut the door.”

According to reports, the officer told investigators that it was not about a parking space but his spotting a gun in Taylor’s hands. He said that Taylor was fleeing him when he ran into his house. He then reportedly ran back into his relative’s house. It is not clear, if this account is true, why the officer did not call for back up or why he left the scene.

Witnesses say that when police arrived at the scene, the officer gave them his badge and gun and they proceeded to hand both back to him. Witnesses say that the officer never identified himself as a police officer.

What is interesting is the immediate statement by Chief Charles Ramsey below that Taylor turned on the officer with a weapon and caused the shooting. For the record, I am co-lead counsel in the World Bank case where Ramsey is being sued for his role in the mass arrest during the IMF/World Bank protests (while he was Chief of Police in Washington). One would have expected a more circumspect statement since the matter is under investigation and witnesses disagree with the officer’s account. In the World Bank case, Ramsey immediately denied accounts of abusive arrests by officers — despite later admissions that hundreds were arrested without probable cause.

The officer could justify the invasion of the home on the basis of hot pursuit, though most departments would expect the office to call for backup. Taylor was reportedly shot in front of the young children. If true, the pursuit may have increased the risk of a shooting of an innocent bystander. On the other hand, if Taylor was visibly displaying a weapon, the officer was expected to take action. He would, however, be expected to identify himself as an officer.

Source: NBC

Jonathan Turley

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  1. does everyone accused of shooting someone in philly get anonymity or is it just a cop thing?

    i guess laws only apply to “perps”.

  2. Obeying orders isn’t always enough, of course, if our consecrated agents of State violence choose to issue summary punishment. On a 15 year old:

  3. Charlton wouldn’t be much a challenge to them, BB.

    With him being a stationary target now and all that.

  4. “if Taylor was visibly displaying a weapon, the officer was expected to take action”

    What?! Well, some action it was.
    So Charlton Heston is open game to any off-duty cop out there?

  5. I noticed that JT referred to this badged criminal as a “veteran”, while Brother Hood referred to the citizen as a perp civilian.

    Are cops members of the US military? No wonder this is a battlefield.

  6. I wonder if he can charge the department for overtime, it would only seem appropriate. This is a clear case of civilians needing to be put down when they do not comply with the lawful command of a LEO. What is wrong with the kid, brandishing a weapon in public. He should be pleased that it was not me. He would not be around to talk.

  7. State-sanctioned violence begets a safe society, don’t you know? Sounds like one officer is up for a promotion, plus some billable overtime.

  8. The only thing wrong with the officers actions were that the perp is still alive.

  9. I smell a …….a…….a…lot of missing facts…..yup, this STINKS with missing facts!

  10. But, but, but cops just want to make the world a better place!

    Hell’s a crappy place too. They should go there instead.

  11. This affair does not come close to passing the smell test. In the meantime, I think I will just avoid going to Philadelphia for the time being.

    I agree with tomdarch. Let’s see how this shakes out, but I am not holding my breath for a real investigation with penalties meted out.

  12. We’ll see if there is a meaningful investigation, or if this all gets swept under the rug with a pro forma “internal affairs” process.

    As for the Chief’s immediate statement: Omerta. The gang code that says that we must always stand together, it’s us against them, no matter the circumstances, always defend the member of your organization against accusations by outsiders.

  13. Well….what did you really expect either of them to do….Hmmmm…if he was carrying a gun….and someone came running after me…and I did not know it was a cop, snort, pig, blue belly, skank….etc…. and they came running after me….well….. why not leave….was the officer justified in shooting him…not a chance in hell….

    If per chance something happens….to the officer and I am not saying it will…its that code you know….would he still be able to retire and get his pension….

  14. I smell a dirty, felonious cop. I agree that we have to let the facts come to light, but will the Philly police let that happen?

  15. Over the years I have been told by friends who live or lived in Philly that the cops are known as coldblooded murders. I’ll wait to see how this incident plays out before making a judgement on Larry Shields as a cop shooting a dangerous citizen or a cop shooting down a man in cold blood. It’s one or the other.

  16. re: “Ramsey immediately denied accounts of abusive arrests by officers — despite later admissions that hundreds were arrested without probable cause.” -from the posting

    And the lies roll off their tongues…

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