“Really an Aberration”: NY Officer Pleads Guilty To 100 Armed Robberies, Stealing 250 Kilograms of Cocaine, and $1 Million

Emmanuel Tavarez, 31, was a one-man crime wave. He was also a cop. Tavarez is facing trial after using his NYPD connections to run a crew that dressed up as officers and stole drugs and cash. An eight-year NYPD veteran, Tavaraz is responsible for more than 100 armed robberies of narcotics traffickers. Yet, despite what he agreed was “overwhelming evidence of his client’s guilt, attorney Raymond L. Colon insisted “[f]or all intents and purposes he was a fine officer. This was really an aberration, I think.”

Tavarez obtained NYPD police jackets and equipment for his crew to convince drug dealers that they were all police officers.

He now faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for robbery conspiracy, conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine, and the use of a firearm during the raids.

He might not want to push the business of being a “fine officer” and just focus on the fact that he pleaded guilty.

Source: CityRoom

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  1. Kay,

    Thanks … seems like a charge a prosecutor could bring against any reluctant witness …

  2. The point of the story is that Tavarez was a police officer, who took an oath to uphold the law, carried a badge and a gun, yet violated the public trust by organizing over 100 robberies, dressing the robbers in police uniforms.

    His violations of the public trust are enormous.

    No less violations of public trust than politicians, bureaucrats, prosecutors and judges who abuse their office for personal gain and, in so doing, violate the public trust – in fact, irrevocably diminish it.

    Due to repeated railroading by corrupted cops and a compromised judicial system, I now look the other way if I see anything happening. It’s not worth being re-victimized. In one Judicial District, a very corrupt mountain resort community, the District Attorney, his deputies, some cops and certain judges have abused their power and violated to public trust to the point of NO credibiltiy.

    A realtor warned me that the mountain town I was considering moving to was even more corrupt than the one I currently lived in. How very nice.

    When will it end? Tavarez deserves a long prison sentence as befits those who violate the public trust.

  3. Hash…..hmmm….anything by any other name…is no the same….

  4. Well look at all the crimes associated with mortgages and mortgages are legal. With pot you have tax free income and none of the regular protections of law — No EPA, FDA, OSHA, Anti Trust etc. and then everyone who ever got high in their entire life is made to feel like they should be protecting the industry and its members no matter what other crimes they do for their profits. It’s just ridiculous to have this huge criminal sub culture inside our police, our courts, our local governments etc.

  5. They probably got the idea to make hash oil from the tv series “weeds”. I did hear it was a felony drug though. Guess that must vary by state.

  6. Mike Appleton,

    “For all intents and purposes, Jeffrey Dahmer was really a mild-mannered guy”

    Lol – And Charles Manson was just a “little” off.

  7. http://washingtondc.fbi.gov/dojpressrel/pressrel11/wfo042611.htm

    For Immediate Release
    April 26, 2011 United States Attorney’s Office
    Eastern District of Virginia
    Contact: (703) 299-3700
    Lawyer Admits to Laundering Client’s Drug Profits

    ALEXANDRIA, VA—Brian W. Young, 39, of Upper Marlboro, Md., pleaded guilty today to conspiring to launder drug profits for drug traffickers and use some of the proceeds to pay for their representation in court.

  8. I think misprison of felony just means knowing and not telling whereas obstruction means an overt act such as bribery threats or force

    § 1509. Obstruction of court orders — threats or force

    § 1510. Obstruction of criminal investigations — bribery

    § 1511. Obstruction of State or local law enforcement — relates to gambling

    § 1517. Obstructing examination of financial institution

    § 1518. Obstruction of criminal investigations of health care offenses

  9. I thought you should be aware of how the term Misprison came to be. You see there are many people who do time for long stretches and they get so used to the way of life so they commit another crime so that they can be sent back home. There you have the root and origin of misprison. If I maybe of further service please ask another question. I am here to serve.

  10. misprison -(Misprision of felony)… had to look that one up … how is that different from “obstruction”?

  11. sounds like drug related law enforcement corruption is everywhere


    For Immediate Release
    April 26, 2011 United States Attorney’s Office
    Southern District of Texas
    Contact: (713) 567-9000
    Wife of Former Harris County Deputy Sheriff Pleads Guilty to Concealing Husband’s Crime

    HOUSTON—The wife of a former Harris County Deputy Sheriff has been convicted of misprison of a felony after pleading guilty to the felony charge in federal court, United States Attorney José Angel Moreno announced today.

    Tania Katrisse Ellington, 32, of Houston, the wife of former Harris County deputy sheriff George Wesley Ellington, 38, pleaded guilty this afternoon to one count of misprison of a felony before U.S. District Judge Keith P. Ellison. George Wesley Ellington, 38, previously pleaded guilty on April 14, 2011, to one count of extortion under color of official right. At that time, he admitted he had accepted $500 for using his position to access confidential information from secured law enforcement databases and for providing security/protection in his capacity as a Harris County deputy sheriff to a person he believed was illegally possessing and transporting 3, 4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), commonly called Ecstasy.

    Today, Tania Katrise Ellington acknowledged she became aware in February 2010 of her husband’s actions and thereafter, from February to April 2010, affirmatively concealed her husband’s crime from law enforcement authorities by helping him repeat the crime on April 22, 2010.

  12. For all intents and purposes, Jeffrey Dahmer was really a mild-mannered guy.

  13. sorry, I just realized I made a mistake in my last email. The verified bill for Underwriters at Lloyds London was sent to c/o Lloyd, Bissel & Brook attn Walter Slezak 115 S. Lasalle St, Chicago Ill and it was file # CL # 6603013-1896. This is the bill I sent to the State of Illinois Division of Insurance to research.

    You know that it is against federal law to sell insurance without complying with state insurance regulations.

    In Colorado when surplus insurance is sold they are supposed to have a statement of who is was sold by, who it was sold to, and a statement that similar insurance from an authorized admitted insurance carrier was unavailable plus a copy of the policy but the State Division of Insurance has none of that according to Peggy Brown. The statement discussed case assignment and a few months later my federal lawsuit was transferred to Nottingham. In my case I discussed what I had heard about the Steamboat Springs police department selling of drug evidence and cocaine use and sales in Steamboat thus similar to the NY case, BIL….

  14. One thing that is interesting about John Suthers in Colorado, where he is Attorney General, is that I have over 10 years of copies of applications from Underwriters at Lloyds London to sell insurance in Colorado as a surplus insurer but my FOIA inquired have unearthed NO records of how much insurance LLoyds sells in Colorado (where insurers are supposed to pay a fee of 3% of premiums), who sold the insurance if any was sold, or who the insurance was sold to if any was sold.

    I have a statement sent from a Colorado law firm, Hall & Evans, which represents the State of Colorado in Court, according to their on-line resume, sent to Underwriters at Lloyds London at an address for a lawfirm in Colorado. The State of Illinois Division of Insurance says they can’t find any record of this insurance. Hall & Evans verified the bill under penalty of perjury.

    I also tried FOIA requests for State of Colorado checks to Hall & Evans but couldn’t find any although H&E was listed as a vendor.

  15. Fakebenbernanke

    As my pal and mentor Crazy Al Greenspan would say:

    “With notably rare exceptions, Mr. Tavares was an impeccably honest public servant.”

    I’m sure Ted Bundy and Scott Kimball were nice people when they weren’t killing. It’s just those unfortunate times when they were killing that they weren’t nice.

    Same with dirty cops, prosecutors and judges – they can be very nice until they abuse their power, act outside their oaths of office and destroy public trust.

    It’s interesting that US Attorney John Suthers authorized the release of Scott Kimball in December, 2002. Kimball went on to kill again and again.

    When John Suthers was El Paso County DA he was appointed Special Prosecutor in the Denver Police Department’s scandal regarding detectives Daril Cinquanta and Larry Subia. Suthers gave these disgraced officers less than a slap on the wrist – in Cinquanta’s case it’s alleged up to 19 felonies were plead down to 2 misdemeanors, a small fine and some community service.

    His track record as Colorado Attorney General is little better.

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