Florida Police Mistakingly Raid Judge’s Home and Order Family Out of House at Gunpoint During Easter Dinner

Broward Circuit Court Judge Ilona Holmes probably does not like bringing work back home with her, but sometimes works shows up anyway. Holmes, her sister and her sister’s family were ordered at gun point by several Broward Sheriffs Deputies on Easter Sunday in a botched police raid. The police went to the wrong address. Police were responding to a report of a break-in next door.

The address said the burglary was seen inside 235 Southwest 4th Street. But there is no 235. Only 236 and 230. The amazing thing is that the police decided to empty the house when they saw someone inside 230. They proceeded to then order the large family out of the house — apparently betting that they had a fifty-fifty shot at being right. They weren’t.

One of the family members was confronted by a gun pointing at her through the window as she did dishes from Easter dinner. She screamed that there was a burglar “and he’s going to shoot me!!” Judge Holmes, who carries a legal firearm, immediately ran into the kitchen armed. She said she demanded “Who are you!? What are you doing?!” When he responded “this is BSO,” she responded “this is Circuit Court Judge Ilona Holmes!!’”

She and the family were ordered out of the house and the judge, wisely, stated that she was armed. The police started screaming at her to put the gun down with their guns pointing at the judge. It was only after much screaming that a high-ranking deputy recognized the judge and told everyone to put away their guns. When the deputy said his colleagues did not know her as he did, she reportedly responded “everyone of ya’ll know me. Ya’ll been before me’.”

Well, they are certainly likely to remember now.

Here is the judge’s background from one site:

Judge Ilona Holmes graduated from Deerfield Beach High School. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree from Florida Atlantic University. Holmes then went on earned a Juris Doctorate degree from Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Holmes served as both an Assistant State Attorney in Dade County, and Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of Florida before her appointment to the Broward County court and then Broward County Circuit court. She is a member of Faith Center Ministries and other community and civic organizations.

Source: NBC

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  1. Hey everyone…..give Jim the clap….nah he probably has already done it for himself…. but I am surprised that he was able to recall something about Broward County…maybe…he’ll figure what happened to all of the democratic votes…. Do you know that as well Jimmy….

  2. A friend of my father’s went to the wrong address on a warrant once, long ago. The officer shot the resident to death while he slept in bed. The officer was put on paid leave for a week or two, no other consequences.

    Indeed, the judge and her family are lucky no one was shot.

  3. when finding out the residents didn’t have a dog, the sheriffs deputies emptied their weapons into the suspects aquarium.

    we came all the way out here, somethings gonna get shot, said deputy fife of the broward co. sheriffs office.

  4. I had the same initial feeling as erykah and lo and behold. When I was a NYC caseworker, working in all the supossedly “bad” areas of the City (never being attacked , threatened or talked to badly)I made damned sure that each address I visited was the right one. This wasn’t because of fear, but rather an effort not to waste my, or someone elses’ time. You would think that
    LEO’s, going into a possibly confrontive situation would do the same, but as we all know they often don’t, with tragic consequences resulting. Perhaps though if they were visiting certain other neighborhoods they would have been shall we say, more careful. Racism is alive and well in the US and is exascerbated by Gestapo tactics on the part of some LEO’s, who believe their badge and gun makes them special.

  5. This is just one more example of the underlying racism extant in law enforcement, in politics, and most importantly in every day life. This goes hand in hand with our President’s birth certificate, with that cop in Dallas who held the NFL player outside a hospital while the man’s relative died.

    This judge is just getting the same treatment that happens everywhere, but especially here in the south.

  6. Before seeing Swarthmore Mom’s link, the response from the cops gave me a feeling that this woman was Black. But as Ralph Ellison said, Black people are invisible. Like she said, they should have all known her since they had been in her courtroom. She identified herself to the chops. Why didn’t they recognize the name? Because out of the realm of her courtroom she becomes anonymous, just another Black woman, despite the fact that law enforcement should have been able to easily recognize her. I have experienced this same phenomenon with my own neighbors who have known me for almost 20 years. They know who I am when I am gardening in my front yard. They are very kind and cordial. They wave with a smile and yell, “Hey Erykah.” But on a number of occasions those same people have looked me in the face and passed me in the mall without the slightest acknowledgement. And they are always startled when I call them by name. It takes them a moment and then they respond, “oh hi Erykah, I didn’t recognize you.” But I have had face-to-face conversations with these folks far too often for them not to recognize me. Invisible. How indeed remarkable.

  7. Swarthmore mom:

    From your link.

    “‘I know no one apologized, OK?’ she told NBC. “And, to me, if you want to make amends for something, you want to make peace, you apologise, you shake, you leave, you say ‘I’m sorry.’”

    The judge dosen’t realize by her still being alive is the biggest apology she will ever get.

  8. She may feel bad about all those stories she as heard from others who suffered judges thinking “that is what they all say” to then rule against defendants who told that story.

    Then again, judges are elites who other elite judges listen to in general, leaving the rest of us to our fantasies.

  9. Frank called this one right — the only reason this is news is that they pulled their usual shit on the wrong person.

  10. Wow! I wonder if the woman from IHOP in Atlanta can manage to get her case transferred to Broward Circuit Court … a little under 700 miles.

  11. I am wondering how this will just get swept away and no one will hear of this matter again…..kinda funny….when it happens to someone else… and it is excusable for them….but here? Not so much… I do not think that they will be getting any sympathy from this Judge claiming exigent circumstances for warrants… But then again every Judge has a price…what is hers?

  12. This happens all the time, just not to people with the power to make the cops regret their stupidity.

    There was a shoot out here a year or two ago between a home owner & the no-knock cops on a raid. luckily nobody got killed but it will happen if it hasn’t already.

  13. Whoops! I am guessing that there will be some serious ass kicking in the Judge’s courtroom! How can police not cross reference the addresses given to them by their dispatchers against the owners of the building to verify who they are dealing with?

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