Pixie Pills: Pennsylvania Man Charged With Drugging Dog At Competition

For those who loved the comedy Best in Show, they may find a Pennsylvania show interesting. Ralph Ullum, 68, is charging with taking a dog competition a bit too far: allegedly drugging a competitor’s dog. The Siberian Husky named Pixie will recover.

Ullum is accused of feeding Protonix and possibly Benadryl to Pixie. Pixie was competing against Diana, a Siberian husky belonging to Ullum’s girlfriend.

After a pill was found by Pixie’s owner, witnesses came forward and implicated Ullum.

Police found a crumpled paper towel containing a white substance and pieces of pills in the men’s bathroom. While Ullum said he did use the bathroom, he denied the allegations.

He faces charges of misdemeanor cruelty to animals charges and attempted criminal damage to property.

Source: NBC

8 thoughts on “Pixie Pills: Pennsylvania Man Charged With Drugging Dog At Competition”

  1. Where do all of these animal abusers come from? Holy crap! Maybe the authorities should stiffen the fines and penalties for these kind of crimes. The mixture of the two drugs could have killed the dog.

  2. AY,

    Love your new avatar. It’s the best of the lot, but I also liked the first one you used.

  3. Like Frank, my sister-in-law raised show dogs in the 60’s and 70’s. She even won a few minor championships. It is a business peopled by peculiar people, many of whom are ruthless. I was even behind the scenes twice at the Westminster Dog Show, what a trip. Animal competitions are closely related to all beauty shows. They are exercises in greed, egomania and self deception.

  4. I used to raise Champion Show Swine…..(there is a lot of money in it in Texas) and yes…. they will even assist you in loosing as a child….So this is where they go from there…

  5. My brother raised show dogs for a number of years – this is not an isolated incident. He had a good friend whos dogs were drugged while she was not with them. Nobody ever figured out who did it. He trained his dogs to only eat from certain bowls when given a certain command.

    There are some weird & ‘wonderful’ people in that business.

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