Reporter Sinks Ultimate Story on Blind Halfcourt Shot

I just saw this video, which is a gem. The reporter is doing a story on how the Olathe Kansas HS coach hit the amazing blindfolded halfcourt shot. However, if you look at the original tape below, the reporter did one better.

The shot below is the actual coach from 2010. Joel Branstrom went along with what was supposed to be a prank last week during a pep rally at Olathe Northwest High School, where he also teaches biology. He was promised tickets to the Final Four if he made it. The students had no such tickets but a stranger stepped forward to make good the pledge.

You will notice, however, that the reporter sunk the basket shooting backwards.

Then, of course, there is this kid:

Jonathan Turley

8 thoughts on “Reporter Sinks Ultimate Story on Blind Halfcourt Shot”

  1. A big Buddha shout out to my peeps in Olathe!

    Olathe means “beautiful” in Shawnee, by the way.

  2. rafflaw We could have a Bulls-Mavs final. Have not followed the Bulls since the MJ days.

  3. eniobob, Some of the Lakers didn’t handle their loss very well.

  4. Swarthmore mom:

    You should be nice to watch whoever gets to the NBA finals without having the announcers mentioning Kobe Bryants name over and over for whatever reason.Let some new kids on the court entertain.

  5. I don’t believe the reporter’s shot, but the next two were legit! that last one during the game with the full court basket is amazing.

  6. A story about basketball reminds me that the Mavs shut out the Lakers 4-0.

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