Neo-Nazi Leader Shot By Ten-Year-Old Son

Jeff Hall, a Neo-Nazi leader in Riverside, California, was shot to death by his ten-year-old son in what police believe was an intentional shooting. The day before, Hall had given his son a gift of a leather belt emblazoned with a silver insignia of the Nazi SS.

Hall headed the Riverside chapter of the National Socialist Movement, the nation’s largest neo-Nazi party. According to the article below, he had long predicted he would die in his struggle for racial secession, but he probably did not anticipate it would be at the hands of his own son.

Hall was a plumber who was viewed as a rising star among the hate set. He actually ran for the local water district last fall and won 28 percent of the vote.

He is reportedly shown below:

Source: Ny Times

25 thoughts on “Neo-Nazi Leader Shot By Ten-Year-Old Son”

  1. OS/HenMan,

    Who says gravity doesn’t have a sense of both irony and humor?

  2. There was some sort of ultra right wing gathering in our area a few years ago. I cannot remember if it was neo-Nazis or KKK types, but pretty ugly group at any rate. One of the participants was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the top of his head.

    Seems the clown shot his .45 into the air. The heavy slug, upon reaching apogee, started back down, arriving at the crown of the fellow’s skull a moment later whilst traveling at terminal velocity. If memory serves correctly it was fatal.

    That should have earned him a Darwin Award.

  3. Once again Charles Darwin is proven correct.

    Hall’s son requested that when he is booked, he would like to be booked under his new name, Simon Wiesenthal.

  4. learned how to hate. learned how to shoot. now, where does he go from here?

  5. It is an axiom of husbandry — both of flora and fauna– that you reap exactly what you sow.

  6. dallysdad
    1, May 11, 2011 at 12:39 pm
    If you take out the Skinhead element it is still a simple case of a boy who had access to a gun…..
    And a dad who did whoknowswhat to cause the boy to want to kill him…

  7. If you take out the Skinhead element it is still a simple case of a boy who had access to a gun…..

  8. Child abusers tend to be victims of child abuse themselves.

    Add a big heaping spoon full of Nazi insanity to the mix?

    This couldn’t have ended in anything but some form of tragedy

  9. anon,

    Of course it’s a tragedy. (What are you talking about?)

    Personally, I hate the taste of venom…

  10. It is a sad bit of Karma involved in this case. How much hate can you plug into a child’s brain before it is damaged to the point of killing the chief hater?

  11. anon,

    say what? Rethink, Rewrite, Repost….I am at a loss of what you are saying….are you saying that they are pro gun or anti gun….

  12. Oh good, now we can have Blouise, anon nurse, Lemmy, and I’m sure so many others cheering on gun violence, death, and whatever this will do to the 10 year old, not to mention the loss of the guy’s life.


    It’s not just that you guys are total douchebags, it’s the amount of hypocrisy and good old smugness that you convey as you douche along that’s comment worthy.

    Dear Turley’s Readers. Regardless of this guys views and actions, it’s a tragedy.

  13. I can’t help but feel the telling of the story will reveal a horrible tragedy, with a ten year old as the victim.

  14. Yes… Very sad.

    “I want a white society,” said Jeff Hall, the day before he was killed.”

  15. This is sad and here is one that is even worse…..I wonder if the Stockholm Syndrome is apt in this matter…

    Idaho lawyer found guilty in wife’s murder plot

    BOISE, Idaho — A northern Idaho attorney who once represented the Aryan Nations was found guilty Thursday on all counts tied to his plot to hire a hit man to kill his wife and mother-in-law last year.

    The verdict prompted the woman who is both Edgar Steele’s alleged victim and staunchest supporter – wife Cyndi – to angrily decry the federal government and vow to immediately start work on an appeal.

    Read more:

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