San Antonio Officer Fatally Shoots Unarmed Teen Who Scared Him — Previously Suspended Four Times From Force

San Antonio is dealing with not just the controversial fatal shooting of an unarmed teen but new disclosures that the officer was previously named four times for termination from the police force. Reports indicate that Officer Daniel Alvarado of San Antonio’s Northside Independent School District has been named on four occasions for termination due to misconduct but was never actually fired. He is now on suspension after he chased 14-year-old Derek Lopez, who punched another teen at a bus stop and ended up shooting him to death in a shed.

Lopez allegedly slapped a boy with the back of his hand without any cause or provocation. Alvarado was passing by in a cruiser when Lopez took off — no responding to orders to stop. While his supervisor told him to stay with the victim, Alvarado took a witness in the cruiser in search of Lopez. When a neighbor pointed him to a shed, Alvarado called out that he was a police officer and entered the shed. He reportedly said that the boy jumped from a hiding place and tried to get out the door. The door hit Alvarado in the face and the police say he was in fear for his life. He then shoot and killed the fourteen-year-old boy. A witness stated that Lopez came out of the shed and said he “came at me.” He recounted later “The suspect bull rushed his way out of the shed and lunged right at me. The suspect was literally inches away from me, and I feared for my own safety.”

That would be controversial enough. However, reporters have learned that between March 2006 and November 2010, Alvarado was suspended four times and named for termination.

While Alvarado insisted that he shot the boy at close range, an autopsy revealed “no evidence of close range firing [on] the wound.” The San Antonio Police Department, however, ruled that the death was a “justified” shooting. Alvarado remains on the force. The boy’s family is suing the department.

Source: San Antonio

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  1. Kay S, the federal courts also have a way of saying, “Sorry, you can’t come here for anything” because they are courts of “limited jurisdiction” and they can decide their own jurisdiction. The story is simply that if someone with power wants to victimize you, they can.

    Sue them from now until doomsday; it’s just good for shyster lawyers to keep paying their parking tickets and it’s good for the “justice system” to keep you busy so you don’t ever have the energy to REALLY do something about it.

    God help anybody who needs to resort to our courts for any remedy. The courts are mostly good for enforcing FOR corrupt organizations, inasmuch as they are themselves corrupt organizations.

  2. All the cops including the supervisor are hurdled together trying to make it look right. so they charge him for assault/puplic servant,assault against me&resisting arrest, how do you resist arrest when your in handcuffs. yea he was stumbling & was asleep. my bf is 6`1 medium/slim built, so of course its not gonna be easy to stand him straight up. anyways court came & the whole police report was a lie, top to bottom! time passes,resets come&go than we go to internal affairs. no help from them so with all my praying & our honesty. the assault on an officer&assault on me was dropped. he was only charged with the resisting, 2weekends in jail{2saturdays} we couldnt argue with that. SO FINALLY & HOPEFULLY THIS COWARD WILL NEVER GET TO HAVE THE LUXURY OF BEING A POLICE OFFICER! ALSO THANKS TO MY BF`S COURT APPOINTED LAWYER MRS.MARILYN BRADLEY.SHES 1 TOUGH COOKIE,KINDA RUDE IN A SWEETHEART BLOUNT WAY;}

  3. Omg this sorry s.o.b broke my dude`S nose, WHILE HE WAS IN HANDCUFFED!i called them they got there a hour after i called so my drunk retarded bf gave up picking on me & fell asleep. I told alvarado its fine, he was persistent to see my bf. i didnt think nothing so i let him in.this coward went in and tried to get him up&handcuffed. my bf was super wasted couldnt stand, well ahole forces him up. my bf is looking 2 me&he said “c`mon babe you called the cops?” alvarado out of nowhere hits him ONLY 1 TIME!&BLOOD SPLASHED EVERYWHERE!OMG I WAS PISSED I WENT @ HIM CUSSING HIM OUT,AM NUTS! Alvarado said “I FEARED FOR MY LIFE”I put it thats the 1st answer he gave me when i asked why&that he knew he was wrong,even his partner knew it! He broke his nose&his eye was bloodshot red along with a blackeye from the impact. my bf couldnt breathe,his face was full of blood. alvarado says hes calling an ambulance instead it was like 8 bfs on the hot hood face dwn bleeding krazy meanwhile

  4. Excuse me, the shed door hit him in the face and he was in fear of his life and/or safety and/or getting his shoes dirty? Why the hell didn’t this cop shoot the freaking door? I am so tired of hearing about subjective justifications for murder:”I feared for my safety” reasonably or unreasonably. Cops kill too many people. What on earth was a glorified truant officer doing armed with deadly force?

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