4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths … Marijuana Greenhouse

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

In an advertisement  on Craig’s List sure to test the boundaries of commercial free speech, a rural property owner has offered a house for sale or rent. Nothing unusual there. What makes it interesting  is that the North Bend Washington property is touted for its marijuana growing propensities:  “Green house is set up for specially growing Marijuana growing, flowers, veggies,” the ad read. “With the legal 45 plants at a time, you can easily grow over $125,000 in crop per summer and take the winters off or grow indoors during the winter.”

There’s even a wood shop to make your very own marijuana plant starter racks. Who could ask for more? The down side is that the ad may contain a little puffing (forgive the pun) as the King County (WA) Sheriff’s office notes there is no “magic number” to the amount of plants a person can grow under Washington’s Medical Marijuana Act. The Act provides a defense to a criminal charge of illegal growing of the  stuff if done for persona medical reasons. 45 plants for medical reasons?

Sadly, the ad was pulled by those prigs at Craig’s List. What a case we could have had.

Source: msnbc

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

15 thoughts on “4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths … Marijuana Greenhouse”

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  4. Dredd:




    How many should I put you down for?

  5. Mespo’s piece says the house is for sale or rent. One wonders if it be rented for, say, 1-3 hours at a time?

  6. In sunny Los Angeles, the weed market has now diversified into thousands of products, most of them edible. I can now buy breath strips containing 4 doses of THC. Peppermint or cinnamon. In the evening hours, weed smoke comes and goes on the light sea breezes as folks unwind from the day.

    I agree with Mike S.: it’s still a market for small business. It will be legal free and clear out here by 2012, 2014 latest. CA cannot do without the tax dollars.

  7. Lots of people grow it in their basements for “egg money” … just ask any landscaper who goes into his clients’ basements to turn on and off the lawn sprinkler system.

  8. Part of the reason pot is still illegal is that too many people can use it as a small business model. In corporate
    America if you can’t corner the market then it’s better to have no market. The stuff grows like a weed.

  9. With grass that high, I wonder if they use a
    “WEED” whacker to cultivate???

    Just askin’

  10. “There’s even a wood shop to make your very own marijuana plant starter racks. Who could ask for more?”

    The ultimate Amenity.LOL!!

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