16 thoughts on “How Not To Pass A Sobriety Test”

  1. You gotta love the human brain.

    What other animal’s mind makes a decision to do something so stupid, that it needs to protectively wrap itself up, in order to continue jeopardizing its own existence, instead of simply refraining from the idiocy in the first place?

    I’m no expert on the “Rapture” but I suspect those wearing helmets won’t be drifting upwards.

  2. that explains why the driver leaned over so far getting out of the car. he was putting the kickstand down.

  3. anon nurse,

    Take care of you! Sending positive thoughts your way. 🙂

  4. I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. My first response to watching the vid was ‘at least it’s not a vid of some cop roughing up someone’. Then I got to the end. The drunk was too drunk to be a threat for anything beyond passing out at the side of the road and having to be dragged to the police car. That was awfully casual rough treatment.

  5. Blouise,

    I didn’t think that anything could make me laugh tonight. Thanks for that…

  6. HA sorry I knew that link was really familiar. It was Otteray Scribe’s on the texting driver.

  7. the helmet was probably what caught the officer’s attention.

    aware of their inebriated state, but stupid enough to take the wheel, believe it or not some drunk drivers purposefully wear helmets (probably taking their cue from race car drivers), so in the most likely event of a crash, at least they would have some protection.

    God help the unwary pedestrian / passing motorist!

  8. Lest someone think that I’m just hanging around and smiling on the blog, that last comment was for the big, humorous green guy.

  9. In defense of his head wear, if you regularly got that drunk a helmet might not be a bad idea for simply walking from one side of the room to the other much less driving.

  10. “The helmet in the car was a nice touch.” -Jonathan Turley

    Professor Turley,

    I realize that this is your blog but, hey, you stole my line!

  11. Unreal. I wonder how many of those happen?

    Strange that it is at best the number three cause of accidents, with texting and other cell phone distractions being number one, fatigue being number two.

    That is what makes the number one and number two killers so insidious and pervasive, they are surreptitious while the DWI is obvious.

    Prosecutors like slam dunks like the instance case, which does not help to cure the number one and number two problem.

    Most of the work done to diminish accidents is lower on the totem pole than it perhaps should be.

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