11 thoughts on “Dog vs. Bath: The Legendary Battle Continues”

  1. OTOTOTOT ‘nother test:


  2. OTOTOTOT ‘nuther embed tst:


  3. Looks like that boy dog did not want to git his tassel wet…

  4. The amusing part was the determination of the dog not to get in the water. What would have been mean would be to have forced him in the water. They took the time to let the dog wear out…and then almost baptized the dog…Mean and cruel would have been to fill up the tub, force it into the water, soap it, drench it clean and then dry it off…I still stand by that it was amusing…I presume the dog was a house dog and the owner(s) wanted it clean before it entered the home…just supposing on that…maybe they should not have a pet…

  5. The little fellow just rolled in the contents of a really stinky garbage can. Now he just wants to enjoy it for a while! Dogs is dogs, after all.

  6. That’s just mean. Hard to understand why they posted the video.

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