English Man Sentenced For Hanging Ham Around Mosque and Stuffing Shoes of Muslims with Ham

My any measure, Jamie Knowlson, 30, is a thoroughly horrible person. Knowlson has been arrested for entering a mosque and draping hand railings with ham and stuffing ham into the shoes of people praying. He was caught on CCTV hurling insults at the Muslims when they confronted him over such a hateful act.

He has guilty to causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment and was given a six-month sentence in Bristol after returning to the mosque to apologize.

Imam Mubarak Mohamud met this hatred with admirable restraint and understanding, stating “We don’t hate the man – we just suppose he doesn’t know us.”

Source: Daily Mail

13 thoughts on “English Man Sentenced For Hanging Ham Around Mosque and Stuffing Shoes of Muslims with Ham”

  1. Clarence,

    You might be right. Lack of information paves the path to speculation.

  2. Actually Guilhem, he got a suspended 6 month jail sentence so won’t be spending time in prison and where does it say he repeatedly hurled abuse?? CCTV footage actually doesn’t show him hurling abuse or stuffing ham in shoes – there was also another man with him. He was drunk, stupid and easily influenced and in a bad place and when he realised the severity of what he’d done he returned to the mosque and apologised. He was a first time offender and is extremely remorseful.

  3. HMMMM, do you suppose dimbart has pictures of GGs stub on his cell phone too? The guy likes to keep pictures of male members on his cell, maybe GG is the comic relief shot amongst the scarier ones.

    It would at least explain why someone so incompetent at trolling would continue it so long after repeated spankings on the blog. Maybe GG misunderstood when dimbart talked about spanking the monkey.

  4. In response to Geeba, I think there is a difference between a prank and repeated, aggravated insults. Considering the restraints shown by the mosque people, I’m assuming the first time he did it got simply brushed off.

    So, yes, any man repeatedly harassing others would, eventually, get jail time. I am glad that it seems everybody played their parts properly, without hard feelings. I wish all cases ended like this one.

  5. Say, GG . . . isn’t this your boss?

    “Breitbart signaled he had an inappropriate picture of Weiner during an appearance on NBC’S “Today” show on Tuesday morning:

    The conservative blogger who reported that a photo of a man’s crotch had been sent from Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account to a woman college student says he has an X-rated picture he’ll publicize if the New York Democrat attempts reprisals against him.

    …[he said] he considers the image “an insurance policy” against attacks from Weiner, who one day earlier admitted the crotch photo was of him. The married Weiner also acknowledged he had engaged in inappropriate contact with six women over three years through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and occasionally over the phone.”

    Those engaging in political graymail shouldn’t be sending their goons out to talk about free speech issues.

    It’s both tacky and stupid.

  6. Horrible? Would a Catholic man be a horrible person if his only crime was to leave a bacon double-cheeseburger in the foyer of a synagogue? Or if a Jew were to leave same burgers in church pews on a Friday during lent? Would they and should they get jail time, assuming no other criminal record? I don’t know all the details but doesn’t this sound like simply a thoroughly unwanted prank? Malicious mischief?

    Oh wait. He was also hurling insults. OOeeww harsh language. I recall a great John Cleese character. The French soldier with “this outrageous accent” that would hurl insults to King Arthur and his Grail seekers from within the walls of an English castle. “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!!!”. This sounds like our heinous Bristol perp. Perhaps a more appropriate sentence would be a visit the keeper at the Bridge of Death and answer his questions – three. The Gorge of Eternal Peril awaits him.

  7. Mickey D’s is gonna be pissed…No Hamburgerler for them….

  8. This fellow is about to find out that CPS doesn’t stand for Cured Pork Services although I can’t wait to hear the argument of the Prosciutto.

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