Chinese Butcher Sentenced For Using Industrial Nitrates in Meat — And Killing At Least One Customer

China has released the details of the latest food scandal case. Gao Yanjun wanted his meat to look fresh when it wasn’t so he added industrial nitrate used in fertilizer. It produced better color and texture . . . and at least one death. The pig intestine meat cost only 5 yuan or 75 cents and, of course, your life.

A man named Sun died of the poisoned meat and, for the crime, GAO was sentenced to life in the northern city of Jinzhou. Another man was left gravely ill from the meat. It is enough to make you go vegan.

Source: Phy Song

7 thoughts on “Chinese Butcher Sentenced For Using Industrial Nitrates in Meat — And Killing At Least One Customer”

  1. Poor guy. He should have done business here in the US. His insurance would have paid any damages and, since business is exempt from criminal law, he would have never been prosecuted.
    Now I am sure that I will hear from lots of lawyers about how companies can be held criminally responsible- all I have to say is yeah right. They may be subject to a fine but nobody ever actually gets prosecuted and serves their sentence (if, by chance, someone is prosecuted their sentence is overturned on appeal- after all the noise has died down).
    Our two tiered legal system is great- if you are wealthy.

  2. What I can’t understand is how the cops knew that it was Yanjun???

    Guess it must have been a steak-out!!!

  3. There go those damn commies, interfering with the free markets again. In the Randian utopia we are building here in America the free market will punish those businesses much more efficiently and without a dime from the taxpayers.

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