Boehner Accuses Obama of War Powers Violation

House Speaker John A. Boehner sent a letter to President Obama on Tuesday informing the President that the Congress now views him in breach of the War Powers Resolution absent authorization from Congress for his military deployment in Libya.

The 90th day under the law passed on Sunday since Obama notified Congress that U.S. troops were committed in Libya. Speaker Boehner wrote: “The Constitution requires the president to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed,’ and one of those laws is the War Powers Resolution, which requires an approving action by Congress or withdrawal within 90 days from the notification of a military operation.”

There remains serious constitutional concerns over the War Powers Resolution as an alternative to a declaration of war under Article I. However, the White House has disregarded even this lesser standard in claiming the right to commit U.S. forces in a third war — at a cost of $750 million.

Source: CNN

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  1. I just saw Boehner’s response to Obama’s debt ceiling speech and I could swear he was wearing eye makeup! About half his lower eyelashes were covered. I have a 55 inch tv and I could see it clearly as day.
    I see privious posts about eye make up too,thought it was just me.No wonder these guys are clueless,they don’t live in the real world and they don’t even want to put out into the public,their real face either,at least not w/o make up.
    We’re not talking tv make up to take off the shine,we’re talking mascara on eyelashes for guys…what’s next …fake moles (beauty marks) painted on and foufy wigs?

    Well the court of Louis the XV work make up…

  2. The story about the one term,brings to mind lyrics by the late Harold Melvin and the blue notes.

    “People in the world out there
    I know none-a y’all satisfied, satisfied
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    Saw the President of the United States, huh
    The man said he was gonna give it up
    He’s giving us high hopes
    But he still turned around and left all us poor folks behind
    They say they got another man to take his place
    But I don’t think they need to satisfy the human race
    Bad luck, huh “

  3. Swarthmore,
    I just read the NYT article about the dissension over the war powers act debate. I have to agree that it sure looks, smells and tastes like hostilities to me. While I agree with Mike A. that the the Teapublicans don’t want to go backwards and discuss the Bush regime activities, we should still be out of Libya.

  4. LK:
    That look brings to mind:

    “dis·dain (ds-dn)
    tr.v. dis·dained, dis·dain·ing, dis·dains
    1. To regard or treat with haughty contempt; despise. See Synonyms at despise.
    2. To consider or reject as beneath oneself.”

  5. Pete-

    A fan, and a damned good one. Dick Nixon had the foresight to prolong the Vietnam War long enough to allow Fruit-of-the-Loom to scout a good location for their future boxer short production facility. That was what the Vietnam War was all about- cheap labor to produce affordable boxer shorts for all patriotic Americans to buy at Wal-Mart. And may God continue to bless the United States of America.

  6. HenMan

    about ten years ago dick nixon saw what everybody else was getting away with and started spinning in his grave. now the devil is using him for a fan in hell.

  7. As far as the photo I think this is whats going on IMHO.

    The term “airbrushed” or “airbrushed photo” has also been used to describe glamour photos in which a model’s imperfections have been removed, or in which their attributes have been enhanced. The term has often been applied in a pejorative manner to describe images of unrealistic female perfection and has been particularly common in reference to pictures in Playboy, and later Maxim.
    Using today’s digital imaging technology, this kind of picture editing is now usually done with a raster image editor, which is capable of even more subtle work in the hands of a skilled touch-up artist. This technique is called photoshopping.

  8. Damn peacenik traitor hippie Republicans want us to cut and run? Do they want the Godless Commies to win? Don’t those pinkos understand that the dominoes will fall and the whole Middle East will be controlled by the Reds? Godless bastards! Where is Dick Nixon when we really need him? By God, he would know what to do!

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