Weiner To Resign

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) will resign today from his seat in Congress. In addition to the political pressure from his own party, Weiner had a couple of strong legal reasons to resign.

I have disagreed with those defending Weiner or opposing his resignation. I could care less about his bizarre fetish with exhibitionist acts. However, he engaged in a pattern of lies that included alleging criminal acts of hacking by others and attacking the media. He is further accused of harassing women with these pictures. I cannot understand the view that a member who showed such utter dishonesty and poor judgment should be forgiven because he is “good for the cause” or a loyal liberal. I agree with the double standard shown in the response of cases like Senator Vitter, but that does not relieve Democrats or liberals of their duty to hold their leaders accountable.

Weiner had two strong legal reasons for resigning. As mentioned in earlier posts, the greatest danger of criminal conduct is his alleged coaching women to lie if contacted by investigators. Yesterday, another woman stepped forward to say that she was pressured to lie by Weiner. Notably, the woman yesterday also said that her efforts to discuss political issues were met by responses from Weiner to get her to engage in sextexting. By resigning Weiner reduces (the admittedly low) chances for a criminal investigation.

Second, Weiner was likely to be investigated for this misconduct and there are risks of claims of false statements as well as the creation of new evidence that could be used against him. This includes possible civil litigation. It also includes possible investigation of Weiner for harassment of women who were contacting him to discuss his work as a congressman. It also includes incidents where Weiner could be charged with using official resources in engaging in this conduct.

By resigning, Weiner shuts down the main threat of investigation that he is facing. The result of that investigation would have likely made it difficult for him to secure a new position — or to come back later and run again as a “healed” individual. The new photos show that this was not a few racy shots but pictures taken from various locations, including the House gym and his office. It also includes claims by women that they tried to get Weiner to discuss his political work and views — not his body parts.

Source: Politico

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  1. @Roco: at some point the people who make the money start wondering if it is worth it and go on welfare themselves

    Remedial is right, you need it. The topic of this sentence is “the people who make the money”. Doesn’t that include the rich? Doesn’t that include anybody that makes more in take-home pay than they would if they were on welfare?

    But, they “wonder if it is worth it.” Say the welfare wage is $12K, and they take home three times that, $36K. So they wonder: Should they work for the extra $2K per month, or just live on $1K per month? Is the work worth it, or should they cut back on their house, their car, their toys, their vacations, their entertainment center and just “go on welfare themselves?”

    Or suppose they earn 30 times that, and take home $360K. According to you, they wonder if it is worth working for $30K a month. They might decide it isn’t, they would rather live on about 3% of that, just to spite the damn system. “Take that, system!”

    You are either unbelievably dim and clueless about human nature, or just a very poor liar.

  2. Mike Spindell:

    “When I was dying my wife and I had some “friends” who volunteered to help, but in my and her greatest moment in need as I was close to death, they were unavailable and she had to bear the burden alone.”

    Then they really werent your friends, were they. They say when the rubber meets the road is when you find out who your friends truly are. I am sorry you had to learn that lesson so late in life and at such a harrowing time for you and your wife.

    I imagine it was harder on her than on you.

  3. Mike Spindell:

    I doubt being on welfare is a very good way to live, I have worked on some projects in public housing. It is not a place I would care to live.

    So please spare me your holier than though attitude.

    A rich guy who is hiring does more for the poor in a day than anyone working in a welfare or government program office does in their lifetime.

    Altruism is the problem.

  4. “I know it is hard to believe but I have quite a few friends and family. Most would give me the shirt off their back if I asked. and I would do the same if they asked.”

    Truly touching, but such “salt of the Earth” people, with compassion for their families and friends, who lack compassion for those unknown though less fortunate, aren’t praiseworthy. Merely selfish people, probably hypocritically espousing support for their coterie, perhaps only until one actually is in need. When I was dying my wife and I had some “friends” who volunteered to help, but in my and her greatest moment in need as I was close to death, they were unavailable and she had to bear the burden alone. Talk is cheap among you and your friends, but you’ll never know until you really need them, who will be there for you. given your overall philosophy, I would hope that these loved ones disagree with you politically, because then truly they might be there when crisis calls. I of course was saved by a government funded EMS and some great police officers.

  5. “if it is worth it and go on welfare themselves”


    Just shows how lost in space you are. The life on Welfare is a hard one, not some cushy joy ride. It might help pull you out of your ignorance if you actually understood what you talk about, rather than relying on mythology. I’m afraid though given your overwhelming naivete’ that actually knowing facts is beyond your salary range.

  6. Sociopaths often have lots of “friends”. And if the flying feces ever hit the rotating oscillator? You’d eat your friends if it was to your benefit. You can’t help it. It’s how you’re wired. You simply lack compassion for others. This is evidenced by your words, by which you can know a man as well as you know them by their actions.

  7. you have never met me, so you really dont have any idea. I know it is hard to believe but I have quite a few friends and family. Most would give me the shirt off their back if I asked. and I would do the same if they asked.

    But we dont ask, we take care of our own business and our own families. Which is how it ought to be. And if you get into it over your head? Then you can ask your friends for help. It is sort of a personal integrity thingy with civilized humans. I know you dont understand that concept. It is part of self reliance and self respect.

  8. Yeah, you probably should stop. You might get some humanity on you. Maybe even some compassion. Reason? I kinda doubt it. But safety first! We wouldn’t want you to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West as your sociopathic tendencies collapse and you realize what kind of malfunctioning person others see when they look at venal people like you.

  9. Buddha is Laughing:

    Sometimes it is interesting, I guess I like to slum intellectually. Although it is starting to wear off on me. So I should probably stop before it is irreveresable.

  10. the protection of citizens by the US government is a legitimate function of government.

    I see the dictator coming out in you, it never fails. All you progressives eventually resort to violence and intimidation. Which is why none of you should ever be allowed to run anything more than your mouths.

    Scratch the surface of one and you always find the Hydrich ready to stomp on individual rights.

  11. Tony C:

    “It cannot, at some point the people who make the money start wondering if it is worth it and go on welfare themselves or just go to another country or just put their money offshore.”

    I think someone needs to take a course in remedial reading.

  12. Tony C,

    If you have time and are interested, go to today’s posts … I think it’s the thread on Hillary Clinton … I posted the following :

    1, June 23, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    Tony C had some interesting comments regarding tactics … I just can’t remember from which thread … maybe he’ll see this and repeat himself.

  13. @Roco: As for what the rich will do: All of those things should be patently illegal; anybody that sells ANYTHING on American soil should pay taxes on it to America, which provides the infrastructure of transportation and police and courts that protects them as sellers within the USA.

    Any American citizen that attempts to avoid taxes by moving overseas or failing to declare their overseas income should be either jailed or should lose their citizenship. I don’t think this is complex, if one enjoys the protection of the US government, one should pay for it or forego it.

  14. “Roco”,

    What I honestly think is that I expected you to blame others for your failures. It comports with what is wrong with you. And that more than one person has come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with you should cause you concern, but as you are special in your own mind it only conflicts with your malformed ego. As to your excuse? If you aren’t trying to convince others you are right, then why are you wasting your time and by extension our time? Are you a masochist or merely stupid? It seems to me like your time could be better spent exploiting someone for your profit than beating your head against the wall here.

  15. @Roco: You lied again, about your own post, which anybody here can read. You are a compulsive liar. You aren’t worth talking to until that impulse is corrected. You are a liar, plain and simple, there is no point in debating a liar.

  16. Buddha is Laughing:

    you are truly a moron. Do you honestly think I would think anyone on this website would agree with me? Or that I could change their minds? I think maybe you think you can so you think everyone else thinks the same way.

  17. Mike Spindell:

    “The rise of Microsoft Windows in the personal computer market was accompanied by the rise in Microsoft’s competing spreadsheet, Excel, which gradually surpassed the position of 1-2-3. Lotus initially planned a complete rewrite of the product to overtake Excel, but this project dissolved. 1-2-3 for Windows is still simply a graphical wrapper around the original product. Additionally, several versions of 1-2-3 had different functionalities and slightly different interfaces.

    1-2-3’s intended successor, Lotus Symphony, was Lotus’s entry into the anticipated “integrated software” market. It intended to expand the rudimentary all-in-one 1-2-3 into a fully-fledged spreadsheet, graph, database and word processor for DOS, but none of the integrated packages ever really succeeded. 1-2-3 migrated to the Windows platform, where it remains available as part of Lotus SmartSuite. By release 9 of Lotus SmartCenter, 1-2-3 had matched the capabilities of Excel.[vague]”

    that is from wikipedia.

    Maybe I am mistaken but it seems Lotus 1-2-3 didnt progress to 4. I used Lotus in the mid 80’s and now use Excel. I dont remember the particulars of 1-2-3 but heard that it was better than excel. I dont know how it would compare today.

    I think your prejudice against MicroSoft is showing.

    From the wiki page, it seems obvious to me that IBM neglected that product. So to me it appears a failure of IBM to compete rather than any chicanery on the part of Microsoft.

    Microsoft sells a decent product at a fair price. Consumers want windows and Microsoft is providing the software. There are many operating systems other than windows from which to choose. Maybe you should blame the general public for being s

  18. Frustration of purpose can lead to anger and extreme reactions and that is no different when the frustrated purpose is to charm others into believing one’s message is special and/or the messenger themselves special even if the message is demonstrably untrue. Sociopaths get frustrated like anyone else if no one believes their pitched ideas or that they themselves are somehow special and deserving of special treatment. Whereas a rational person might reevaluate their positions in the light of such frustration of purpose, someone with a personality disorder (but especially with anti-social personality disorder or borderline personality disorder) is just as likely to double down and blame others for their failures to persuade because any solution that involves them being wrong or not deserving of special treatment by society must be wrong because that conflicts with their ego. Malformed ego is at the root of both pathologies. But to admit that their ideas and their selves are either untrue or not really special comes into direct conflict with the natures of the disorder(s). Dissonance and increasing hostility are natural reactions in that scenario.

  19. Tony C:

    if you add in food stamps and aid to dependent children and a housing allowance and child care and free medical care, pretty soon you are talking serious money.

    And I didnt say they would go on welfare, I said they would stop making a buck and go retire and enjoy life. Put their money into tax free somethings instead of using it for production.

  20. Mike Spindell:

    Who is Byron?

    I am a cultist and there are millions of us. We like beer and wine and whiskey and cigars and cigarettes and we like hot dogs and hamburgers and chicken and steak, we like chevies and fords and pontiacs. In short we want choices and the only way to have a choice? Well you know what that is.

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