Warrant Issued For Arrest of California Professor For Allegedly Urinating On Door Of Colleague

San Fernando police have issued an arrest warrant for California State University Professor Tihomir Petrov after a hidden camera reportedly captured him urinating on the door of a colleague in the math department.

The university set up a hidden camera after they found what they believed to be puddles of urine outside of the colleague’s door. Petrov was having a dispute with the other professor.

This week, Petrov failed to appear at a hearing and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

He is being sought on two charges of two misdemeanor counts of urinating in public.

Petrov, 43, specializes in algebraic geometry and algebraic k-theory. He received his B.S. in 1995 from Moscow State University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in New York University in 1999 and 2002 respectively.

In one article, his counsel Arvand Naderi stated “[Petrov] is of course concerned that this might affect future employment.” That is a pretty safe bet. It is not publish or piddle.

While only misdemeanors, the university has independent grounds to remove the assistant professor. This is a state university so he presumably does not have tenure.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. @FFLEO: Plus his hair, it is unparted. When lefties part their hair with the comb in their left hand, the part is on the right side of their head; which appears odd versus the part for right-handed people, which is on the left side of their head.

    Because this looks odd, lefties often part their hair in the middle, or adopt hair styles that do not have a part at all. So it isn’t dispositive but it is a clue, and more so in men than in women.

  2. Tony C.

    Good observations. I spent an abundance of LE training over the years regarding interpretations of body language.

    BTW, my left eye is my dominant, I am right-handed, and I am a biologist (Ret.)…

  3. @FFLEO: Left dominant? Look at his left shoulder, slightly forward: People confront with their ‘strong’ side, that is what he is doing here. His mouth is assymetrical, left dominant (the left side of his mouth is larger than the right), and if you look at his eyes and the lighting on his face and ears, you can tell his face is slightly tilted to focus with his left eye, that is why his right eye appears to be subordinate to his left. I don’t know his handed-ness, about half of left-dominated brains are culturally forced to become right-handers, but I would guess a natural lefty.

    I am a left-dominated brain and we are over-represented in the hard science community. I believe some people find these reversed body mannerisms of lefties disconcerting without knowing why; particularly in the eyes. It just isn’t what their subconscious is expecting.

    For all you lefties out there, you can do people a favor by training yourself to focus on them in conversation using your right eye. It will correct your head-tilt, which will also indicate you are listening with your right ear, and it will tilt your right shoulder to them, all automatically.

  4. By the way, if looking at professors’ biographies and seeing this guy’s photo (not his mugshot since he is still on the lam) I would know immediately he was a math or chemistry professor. There is just a certain look about them.

  5. From the rarified Ivory Towered Halls of Mathematical Academia comes the Candid Camera paraphrase known as:

    Smile, you’re on uroscopy camera.

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