Amish Man Arrested For Alleged Sending Lewd Photos To Minor And Showing Up At Her House in Horse and Buggy

Ok, I assumed that this story was a hoax until I found the mugshot. In a criminal charge that seems written by the Saturday Night Live, Willard Yoder, 26, was arrested in Connersville, Indiana for sending lewd messages to a 12-year-old girl and then going to her house. Unfortunately, that is no so remarkable. However, Yoder is Amish and showed up in a horse and buggy in Rush County. No, there was no extremely slow chase, just a “plain” arrest.

Yoder allegedly asked the girl for naked pictures and asked to make out with the 12-year-old. .Police found at least 600 text messages. The worst evidence is alleged naked photos of Yoder sent to the girl.

He has pleaded not guilty plea.

It appears that Amish can use cellphones or landlines in their homes or businesses — though some use community phones located outside of their homes. Police records indicate that the horse and buggy were released to Yoder’s family.

Here is the charging form.

It is not clear if he was blasting Amish Paradise when he pulled up to the girl’s house planning to “party like it is 1699”:

Source: ABC

Jonathan Turley

14 thoughts on “Amish Man Arrested For Alleged Sending Lewd Photos To Minor And Showing Up At Her House in Horse and Buggy”

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  2. WeinerWanker, thanks for adding “Wanker” to your name, it saves people on this blawg from having to point out the omission.

  3. I want to see all Willie’s Lewd Pics! I love lewd- the lewder the better- My favorite cough drops? Yeah you cheeky monkeys guessed it-LEWDens!!!!!! Especially CHERRY FLAVOR!!!!! I will take the Cherry everytime!!!!!!

  4. Yeah. If I were an attorney, I would say that Willie actually did nothing illegal. English, much like dogs, have a different aging system. A 1 yr old dog is considered to be 7 in human years. Similarly an English bitch of 12 is really about 84! So Wills was just wanting kinky old lady sex!!! At best, he may be guilty of wanting to abuse a CORPSE!!!!! Maybe he likes old ladies cause he wants to get BEAT OFF with a cane! Or be gummed while he cumms!!!!

  5. I graduated from Ashland University in scenic Ashland, Ohio and Amish are everywhere. The locals despise them as they are such hypocrites- they won’t drive cars, but they have no problem trying to bum a ride off you!!! Give me a break. I once found a hot young 20s Amish dude wanting gay sex. Too bad I live in Cincinnati and he lived too far away. I’ve seen lots of cute Amish dudes that I would love to get it on with!!!! Willard Yoder I want your hot co***ck baby!!!!

  6. Plus the cops would probably sexually abuse the horse the same way they do prostitutes. It’s a good thing they can’t get ahold of sheep! I wouldn’t want to see sheep cheaply ewesd!!!! Get it? Ewesd=used!!!! LOL! I’m so friggin funnnnnneeeeeyyyyyy!!!!!!

  7. it’s a good thing the horse and buggy were released to the family. i don’t think the horse would be worth much after being kept in the police impound for a few months.

  8. The Amish apparently modify the rules from time to time. When I was still working, I got to know one of the contract carrier truckers who made daily deliveries to our plant. He told me that he once delivered a brand-new John Deere tractor to an Amish community. The Amishmen asked him to drive the tractor off the trailer and park it on a concrete slab next to one of the buildings. He then helped the Amishmen jack up the tractor and remove the wheels. The tractor was to be used as a stationary power source, which was allowed. The wheels were removed so that no one would be tempted to drive the tractor, which was not allowed.

  9. An Amish cell phone is hand-cranked and has little metal keys that engage bits of calico to create comforters which are then carried by horse and buggy to the recipient.

  10. Various articles have Yoder saying that he thought she was actually 13. Srsly.

  11. These are serious charges, but I’m still chuckling over the idea of an Amish texting. I didn’t know pidgins had instant messaging capability.

  12. rafflaw,

    You are correct….I know an officer designated to that task…finally after 2 years he realized that it was nothing more than stealing….started giving moneys back on demand on request….he shortly thereafter resigned from the small town police force….

  13. “Police records indicate that the horse and buggy were released to Yoder’s family.”
    Its good there were no drugs found for if they were I think the Horse and Buggy would have been confiscated and cited as being used for transporting same.And sold at auction and the proceeds going to the local police.

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