Bangor Police Arrest Homeless Man For Charging Cellphone At Outdoor Outlet

It appears that the insatiable demands of cell phone batteries have claimed another victim. Recently, we saw a Florida lawyer arrested for charging his cellphone in a neighbor’s motor home. Now, in Maine, Shaun Fawster, 23, a homeless man has been arrested because a Bangor police officer spotted him using an outside outlet to charge his phones.

Fawster was charged last weekend with theft of services, as well as carrying a concealed weapon. The concealed weapon was a folding knife found after his arrest.

Since the costs of the charge was pennies, it is hard to see how this arrest served justice. Without knowing the size of the folding knife, I will not question that charge beyond noting that it is also a misdemeanor. I fail to see why this is not a matter that could not be handled with a warning on the charging offense. We have a burgeoning homeless population facing some pretty dire conditions. A small degree of discretion would not appear out of order.

Source: KFBK

11 thoughts on “Bangor Police Arrest Homeless Man For Charging Cellphone At Outdoor Outlet”

  1. That’s one desperately bored policeman…he should be required to trim holly with a nail clipper.

  2. Please tell me that a folding knife was not more illegal than an AK47 or a concealed pistol.

  3. “No *phone*, no pool, no pets..

    Third boxcar, midnight train
    Destination *Bangor*, Maine”

    Sounds like our guy Fawster here might just be a ‘man of means by no means’ ‘King of the Road’.

  4. In a police state a prosecution exists just because it can, the less rational the better if a state wants to make it clear that no one is safe from the full majesty and weight of the law being invoked for even the most menial and ridiculous of infractions.

  5. Sadly, this LEO probably went home at the end of his day proud of the job he had done. Even pennies add up to dollars and in our brave new world of contempt for those without, this cop was striking a blow against slackers. No doubt someone will comment self-righteously that the man got waht he deserved.

  6. Seems like he’s getting off lightly….

    The police didn’t tazer him [repeatedly],

    The police didn’t shoot him [again repeatedly]

    The police didn’t beat, bludgeon, pistol whip or mace him

    Obviously the police didn’t examine his cell phone for; incriminating evidence, porno, illegal music / video downloads, or terroristic photos, otherwise he’d be up on Federal charges.

    Most likely he’ll get the same “homeless leech” treatment others in Bangor receive; a fine, a few weeks in jail, beaten unconscious, stuffed into a canvas bag weighted down w/ rocks, and thrown into the Penobscot river from Veteran’s Bridge.

  7. “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich and the poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.”

    –Anatole France–

  8. WOW….WTF….could a small “Swiss Army” knife be the basis for the charge…we used to call these pen knives….the guy is only 23…maybe….

    So charging a cell phone…theft of services….does that mean if I go to Starbucks…Paneras….etc…and use the electrical outlets I am stealing….

    I realize that this one was is out side..hidden by a bush….but come on…..

    Is this Bangor’s answer to the homeless population problem….

  9. Another Barney Fife moment. Why do they always give the name of the accused in these articles but never the imbecile who arrests them (“a Bangor police officer”):

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