NASA Sues Former Apollo 14 Astronaut over Lunar Camera

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Edgar Dean Mitchell, a lunar module pilot and the sixth person to walk on the surface of the Moon, is being sued by NASA. NASA wants Mitchell to return a camera that went to the Moon on the Apollo 14 mission. A lawsuit filed by the federal government on Thursday in a South Florida federal court claims that the former astronaut tried to sell the camera in an auction.

NASA, reportedly, learned in March that a British auction house “was planning to sell the camera at an upcoming Space History Sale” in May. According to a Boston Globe article, government lawyers contend that Mitchell “is exercising improper dominion and control over a NASA Data Acquisition Camera.’’  The lawyers “are asking US District Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley to order Mitchell to return the camera immediately.”

The lawsuit says that the camera had a pre-sale estimate of $60,000 to $80,000—and that “all equipment and property used during NASA operations remains the property of NASA unless explicitly released or transferred to another party.”

Mitchell, who is eighty, said, “It’s utter nonsense.” He added that during “the moon mission era” he and other astronauts had gotten permission to take mementos from the space craft. “We have dozens of pieces. All of us who flew to the moon.”

In addition to requesting that the judge declare the camera property of the US government, the lawsuit asks that Mitchell be required “to pay all legal and court fees arising from the case.”

NASA Biographical data on Edgar Dean Mitchell


US sues astronaut for camera’s return (Boston Globe)

NASA sues ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell seeking return of camera that went to moon on Apollo 14 (Washington Post/AP)

Ex-astronaut tries to sell camera from moon trip: It’s a developing story — NASA sues to get it back after seeing it up for auction (MSNBC/Reuters)

NASA sues ex-astronaut over camera that went to moon: Lawsuit contends Edgar Mitchell tried to sell camera at auction (Orlando Sentinel/AP)

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  2. Having the camera as a memento is okay; however, attempting to auction it for his profit is wrong. He should be allowed to proceed with the auction if all the money goes to an American charity (since the camera was purchased by American taxpayers)–as with any money generated in future auctions.

    Legally speaking, isn’t there a statute of limitations on this category of ‘theft’

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  7. To the topic at hand, NASA really needs to get their priorities straight, namely, getting their budget met for the next missions in queue: orbital and moon bases for construction and refueling of intra- and interstellar craft and a mission to Mars. Harassing Edgar Mitchell about a camera because you guys “can’t find the receipt” from when you gave it to him forty years ago is not only non-productive for either mission building or your budgetary battles, it’s bad PR to attack former astronauts over petty bullshit like this. You wonder why public support isn’t as robust as it once was? Well unfocused non-mission critical nonsense like this doesn’t help the public perception that NASA’s utility is on the wane. You guys want to be displaced by private enterprise and the new state capitalism of the Chinese? Just keep it up.

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  12. From CNET:

    NASA sues astronaut over Apollo 14 camera
    June 30, 2011

    In Reuters’ description, Mitchell’s lawyer says that he received permission from NASA to take the camera.

    The mention of the word “lawyer” might lead you to conclude that there might be a dispute. Indeed, the U.S. government, on behalf of NASA, has reportedly filed papers in court to prevent the auction from happening and to have the camera returned to NASA.

    Donald Jacobson, Mitchell’s lawyer, told Reuters: “Objects from the lunar trips to the moon were ultimately mounted and then presented to the astronauts as a gift after they had helped NASA on a mission.”

    However, NASA is saying that as it has no written record of the transfer of ownership, it should have it back.

    Indeed, the Palm Beach Post says the government is being remarkably insistent in its filing. It quotes the papers as saying: “Defendant Edgar Mitchell is a former NASA employee who is exercising improper dominion and control over a NASA Data Acquisition Camera.”

    The camera was expected to fetch somewhere between $60,000 to $80,000, which doesn’t seem a vast enough amount for NASA to toss a conniption.

    Still, it is now up to a Miami court to suddenly decide who enjoys rightful ownership.

    Mitchell himself told the Palm Beach Post that astronauts took dozens of items with them after a mission. He said the lunar module that he piloted was actually blown up, once it returned to Houston. He believes that the camera and other items in his possession–like a hand controller–are nothing more than “government junk.”

    He did admit to the Post that NASA had, in the past, asked for the camera back. He believed the matter had been laid to rest.

    To the untrained, non-legal eye, this case might seem a little mean-spirited. Mitchell served his nation in an honorable manner. Why turn around after 40 years and claim he stole a camera?

    Might it be something to do with the fact that Mitchell has expressed views that some regard as eccentric, such as claiming that aliens have better technology than humans?

  13. I’m blown away by the fact that someone in NASA and/or DOJ thought up this lawsuit. To what end are they striving?. I would guess that up to 80% of all things major museums have on hand are undisplayed and not easily retrievable. Excessive zealotry, in the pursuit of needless justice, is its own separate insanity.

  14. Patric P., It is an odd thing to say, but Pete Conrad, like several of the lunar astronauts, has a dry sense of humor.

  15. Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean said:

    “The two cameras he and astronaut Pete Conrad took to the moon in 1969 stayed there, he said. ‘They’re probably still up there.”

    Does anyone else think this is a rather odd thing for an astronaut to say?

  16. Anniversary upcoming: Coming up the 20th of this month is the 42nd anniversary of the first moon landing.

    That event is one of the few ‘where were you on’ events of my life. Kennedy assassination, moon landing, Lennon murder and twin towers.

  17. i’ve been reading on wikipedia about the lunar landings, a very interesting read. there was an an astronaut and geologist on apollo 17 named Harrison Hagan Schmitt whose nickname is “Jack”.

    I was wondering how someone named Harrison Hagan could acquire a nickname like that, and since I don’t know “Jack” Schmitt, I can’t ask him.

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